Encumbrance Certificate – EC Form 15 16 Details and Property EC Contents

By | January 15, 2022

Details on Encumbrance Certificate (EC), Form 15, 16 and Property EC Contents : 

To have proof of the existence of property Encumbrance Certificate is used. You can get property history and details by EC if you want to buy a property In India it is must to keenly watch for the properly having EC form as if you want to buy that property and the property owners are responsible to show Encumbrance certificate EC of their property. 

As an official proof of the property existence, EC can be used to apply any kind of loans. 

Encumbrance Certificate EC Form 16

Every property Writer or property dealers refer to Encumbrance Certificate as EC and EC means Claim, Property or Assets.

Having all the detailed history of the previous owner and the current owner who claims to own the property EC is considered legal proof It is clearly mentioned in the EC if this is any court case or dispute over the ownership of the property.

EC clearly depicts if the property is a good option to buy or it is disputed EC can be obtained by the sub-registrar office or by using the online portal by the government.

Process To Get Encumbrance Certificate Form 16

From the sub-registrar office, anyone having document number and property details can easily get an Encumbrance certificate as the process is very simple.

As EC just contains the property history it can be handed over to anyone

  • Go to the sub-registrar office of your area
  • Submit a completely filled Form 16 containing all the askes details
  • Fix two nonjudicial stamps on the application
  • Mention complete property address for which EC is required
  • Mention the reason for demanding the EC
  • Provide survey number and property location
  • Mention the EC containing details of how many years is required
  • Fix an ID card and residential proof
  • Submit the completely filled firm along with required documents to the sub-registrar office
  • Within 48 Hours EC by the SRO will be created and can be taken the very next day
  • Based upon the application charges a nominal fee is applicable to EC that might be below Rs.100

Online Encumbrance Certificate (EC) 

Property using EC can also be checked online using the process described below: 

EC Form 15 and Form 16

By the sub-registrar office, EC is issued in the form of Form 15 or Form 16 Here are the details of Form 15 and 16 issued upon request

Form No 15

All the property details regarding Lease, Mortgage, Sale, Petition, Gift, etc. are mentioned in this form The buyer or loan provided mostly asks for Form 15 as it needs to be clear and if the property is registered it can easily be generated by the sub-registrar office

Form No 16

Form 16 is a complete document issued by the registrar showing that the property is clear and has no dispute since the owner have requested for EC Form 16 is also called as Encumbrance Certificate

EC Contents

All of the property details and history is mentioned on a single sheet of paper known as the Encumbrance Certificate

Here is the enlisted information that can be easily located on EC

  • Applicant name who has requested for Encumbrance Certificate
  • Asked property details in Form 22 are mentioned in detail
  • EC period showing when EC got generated
  • Document number and history of the previous owner is given
  • The number of transactions made upon the property is clearly mentioned
  • The number of Buyers and sellers of the property with their communication address and year are mentioned
  • It is prominently shown if the property is in dispute, mortgage, or any kind of gift
  • If you want to buy land to build on it EC is mandatory to be taken

Why is the need for EC for any property?

In case you want to buy the property you must know the property history whereas if you want to sell your property you must be aware of the property links to the owners who previously owned it All these details are mentioned in EC

Is it possible to get the EC modified?

The sub-registrar is responsible for EC generation As sub-registrar issues the EC based on property history it cannot be modified Typing issues may get resolved but the details mentioned on EC cannot be changed

Why does Bank ask for EC?

EC is asked by the bank to be submitted if you are applying for any loan or mortgage against your property.

For the loan sanction, the details on EC and the previous property owners are verified.

To apply for a home loan is EC required?

Yes, EC is considered as an important property document in Tamilnadu To give the second person a clear picture of the property he is buying or selling EC is very important.

What is the lasting limit of EC?

10 to 15 years details of EC are required in case of selling a home or property EC has all the details from the very first owner If you have an EC of more than 15 years you can easily get a loan or buy the property as it is considered clear.

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