Online Download EC AP at IGRS to Check Property History

By | April 6, 2022

Online Download EC AP at IGRS to Check Property History

At IGRS the Andhra Pradesh residents and property owners can easily download EC AP online and can check the property history and details they want to buy

The history of any property can be checked by Encumbrance Certificate as it is a legal document The certificate gives complete information about any property transactions made and about the owner’s identity

A property is considered to have a clear history if a clear EC is possessed and transfers are easily made without any litigation

With the registration and stamp by the department as IGRS AP EC, the Encumbrance certificate for the property is issued The document number or house number of the property can be gained by the property owner by getting the Encumbrance Certificate printed

To complete the EC anywhere some processing charges are to be paid The AP can be printed from the IGRS website as per the government website

Importance of EC AP

        An EC must be possessed for the property in Andhra Pradesh as it holds its importance Here given are the points to emphasize the importance of the Encumbrance Certificate

  • For getting any loan against property through a bank or any Financial institution EC is a must
  • EC shows a clear picture in case of any loans or any mortgaged for the property
  • The real owner of the property has his name printed on top of EC so it is a single paper ownership proof
  • If delay occur in property tax payment, To show yourself as eligible to make the payment the EC with local authority verification is to be shown
  • An encumbrance certificate is required for Property Tax withdrawal or house concretion loans
  • To get a quick verification for property transactions the new owner has to check EC before buying

EC AP Contents

Here enlisted are the content in AP Encumbrance Certificate Check out the process to get EC printed with the respective owner name

  • The owner’s name with time to time transaction is given in EC
  • The property details since origination are given
  • EC has all the details as per sales deeds records
  • In EC any transactions made in between are shown
  • Any mortgage or loan against the property are mentioned in EC
  • The clear details in case of property as a gift deed are given
  • In case the property owner has its share released all the lease deed details are given in the Encumbrance Certificate

AP EC Charges

Some service charges are to be paid to the department to get the EC issued as it is a legal document EC is issued with age restrictions so here listed are charges as per the age

  • If the age is below 30 years Rs 200 are to be paid
  • If the age is above 30 years Rs 500 are to be paid

Online EC AP

All the details printed can be obtained by the applicants who want to get EC issued If the property truncates after 1993 1st January is only allowed Any required property details before 1983 have to be gained from stamp office or Registrar office and the EC can be obtained through the offline process in printed form

  1. Visit AP IGRS Portal
  2. Go to New Initiative Label given at downside of the page
  3. Tap Online EC to visit
  4. Fill in the user ID, password, and the captcha code
  5. After reading the guidelines for the EC statement click Submit button
  6. To search EC enter your document or house number as asked
  7. Fill in the captcha code
  8. To have a quick search click submit
  9. The EC is displayed on the screen after getting the details verified
  10. Verify your Encumbrance certificate and get it printed

EC AP Online Search Using Different Options

Different options to get EC printed are given in case you are searching for EC AP

Method 1: Use Document Number

To get the EC printed for the property use the document number At IGRS this is the easiest and quick process

Method 2: Memo Number

Using the memo number get the Encumbrance certificate printed If you don’t have the document number or have the document number searched wrong this way can be used

Method 3: Using None

The none option can be used to get property EC searched quickly  if the applicant does not have the above two details The District, Name, Building Details, Boundary details, and SFO after choosing None option The EC AP Can be downloaded by using any of the combinations given

AP Encumbrance Certificate Application in MeeSeva

If you are not comfortable in searching for EC AP online the nearest MeeSeva is to be visited To get the Encumbrance Certificate generated for the property follow the given steps

  • Locate and go to the nearest MeeSeva center
  • Get the EC Application form and enter all your details
  • Make sure to fill in all the details that are required to search Encumbrance certificate
  • Submit the application form along with the application fee
  • Through verification, the EC obtains all the details provided in it
  • After verification, the EC can be printed or downloaded

How much minimum time is required for EC in AP?

24 hours is the minimum time required for an encumbrance certificate As per the working business days, a maximum of 48 hours may be required

Is EC in Andhra Pradesh important for home loans?

To get the Home loan, the bank or financial institution may ask for 15 years or more EC Every bank will ask for this basic document, The application does not get processed in failure of providing the EC

What are the service charges applied for the Encumbrance certificate?

Rs 200 or maximum, Rs 300 are required as per the age limitation are to be paid for Encumbrance Certificate in Andhra Pradesh To get EC no extra charges are to be paid

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