GPF Slip Online Download for Annual Account Madhya Pradesh

By | January 9, 2022

GPF Slip Online View Download for Annual Account Madhya Pradesh

To get the details of employment GPF Madhya Pradesh government has introduced a website for their permanent employees to download GPF slip

Along with the complete details, date of birth, name, and mobile number Madhya Pradesh employees have to connect to DDO officers to get their GPF Salary Slip and PF Slip online

To get a unique password and access GPF payslip date of the birth of the employee is very important

Online Madhya Pradesh Salary Slip

From the official website of Madhya Pradesh GPF Madhya Pradesh government employees have to follow these steps to download their respective salary slip

  1. Open Madhya Pradesh GPF PF Web Portal using the link
  2. Fill in the GPF Salary number related to the employee
  3. Fill in your account number as it is also the GPF number of the employee
  4. Fill in your password (Date of birth + account number) and click the submit button to proceed
  5. From the home, page button choose the report option
  6. To load the page again Click slip from the drop-down menu
  7. To get GPF Slip select the respective month and year

Now the GPF slip for the selected month is displayed on the screen click to download and use for future references

GPF Instructions Madhya Pradesh

To login to the General Provident Fund of Madhya Pradesh follow these important instructions By only using these instructions you would be able to access GPF Slip online

  • GPF Series: As mentioned in the employee’s ID card it is mandatory to enter series on the login page in capital letters
  • Account Number: For the entire employment period the employee is provided with a unique GPF number that depends upon the department of the employee
  • Password: On the GPF login page a password containing both the date of birth of the employee and account number is used Incase any employee has not provided date of birth to the department only the account number is used as a password

Can I get access to Madhya Pradesh Pradesh GPF without a series code?

No, there is always a link between the employee working name and the series of departments To access the account number password it is mandatory to note the correct series number in the Madhya Pradesh portal Only by using this password employee can access the GPF account page

Is it possible to download the Madhya Pradesh salary slip of last month?

Yes, by using the Madhya Pradesh portal any employee can download even the last year slip Entire summary in one slip can also be downloaded you just need to select the respective month and year to access investment under GPF and the total funds collected

What is the serial number used for the Madhya Pradesh GPF Health department?

 The code M is used by Madhya Pradesh Health Department employees To access the GPF account page these letters must be used with the series number containing the account number of the employee and the password. To view the GPF Account page the combination of all three is a must

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