AGEGPF Portal for Meghalaya GPF Slip Download Online

By | April 5, 2022

AGEGPF Portal for Meghalaya GPF Slip Download Online. 

By accessing the accountant General web portal for GPF account Download the Meghalaya GPF slip online by following the simple steps To get the annual account statement check out the step by step guide

To give employees maximum benefits after the retirement GPF is the scheme by the Government of India for all the employees and the employees are advised to access their details on regular basis and verify them As GPF Megahalaya account is getting loaded with money  and that money comes directly from employees monthly salary

In the online website all the details of GPF Meghalaya are secured  and the employees must keep their PIN secret to prevent any access to their GPF account All the GPF account details can be checked from the nearest GPF office By visiting the DDO office you can check the process to generate the PIN number

PIN Number for Meghalaya GPF

The DDO Officer assigned to the particular department provides the PIN number as a password and the details are to be submitted to the DDO office by the employees to get the PIN activated on the Principal Accountant General website

The DDO Officer after accepting the details register them to give a PIN Number on your registered mobile number The Meghalaya GPF page can be accessed online for accounts from Meghalaya Accountant General Website using the PIN number

Online Meghalaya GPF Slip

To get their payslip Meghalaya State government employees can use the Accountant General Web portal or visit the department office to get their detailed GPF statement

Using the provided credentials here are the steps to download Meghalaya GPF Slip from Accountant General Web Portal

  • Go to the official website of GPF

By using the link

  • Choose your login option from the list

Choose the type of login as a subscriber from the drop-down list

  • Click the GPF option

Select the GPF series option from the list

  • Fill in the GPF account number and PIN

Enter the GPF account number along with the password given by the DDO officer

  • Fill in the validation code

To proceed paste the validation code as shown on the screen

  • Click the login option

Tap the login button to get the Meghalaya GPF page loaded

  • Choose a year to generate the payslip

From the drop-down select the year and tap the generate option given on the new GPF statement page

The Meghalaya GPF Slip for the selected year is displayed on the screen  that can be either downloaded or printed as per choice

Offline Meghalaya GPF statement

The below-given process can be used if you do not have the Meghalaya online credentials and want to access Meghalaya GPF Slip offline

  • Locate the Meghalaya GPF office near you and visit to get a GPF statement
  • To provide all the Meghalaya GPF details submit the filled request form
  • Fill in the name, address, department code, and others as asked in the form
  • Submit it to the respective officer to get the Meghalaya GPF slip printed

You can check your investment in the Meghalaya GPF slip gained offline You can get it verified to check your account balance as per the records

Can I change the PIN Number received by the DDO officer?

To access the Meghalaya GPF page a PIN is mandatory If you remember the old PIN number received directly from Accountant General Page and if you have lost the PIN number in any case the concerned DDO officer can be contacted to re-register and generate a new PIN to access GPF account

Is it possible to get the Meghalaya GPF slip through the Official website?

Yes, To get the details reviewed online methods are preferred nowadays The details can be viewed at their homes by the Meghalaya Employees using the Meghalaya GPF Online and there is no need to visit the department and stand in queues for the GPF statement Since the online website have been launched

What is the process to change the name in Meghalaya GPF Slip?

If the name is incorrect in the Meghalaya GPF slip, The DDO officer can be contacted or a detailed email with all the details can be sent As per the records available valid proof is to be provided to get the name corrected

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