Using Himkosh IFMS e Salary Portal Himachal Pradesh Pay Slip Download

By | January 6, 2022

Using Himkosh IFMS e Salary Portal / Online Himachal Pradesh Pay Slip View / Download

Himachal Pradesh state government employee payslip download online at HP e-salary portal Himkosh IFMS. Following are the two steps involved in printing the salary slip or login to ESS with and without a username

Payslip Of Himachal Pradesh Employee

To proceed with the monthly salary of state government employees, e salary portal has been introduced by the Himachal Pradesh state government By using this through ECS banks the salary disbursing and employee payslip generation of around 2 lakh employees serving in various IPAOS departments within the state in various locations is done.

The process is managed by the department of treasuries, accounts, and lotteries through the Integrated Financial Management Information system, e salary portal doesn’t allow the state government employees to access their information online. Every employee can check their employee details using unique login information assigned to them

Himachal Pradesh Employ Payslip Downloading Requirements

To get your payslip downloaded Himachal Pradesh State government employees must have the following basic requirements

  • Employee code as the username
  • Treasury admin provided password

To get detailed information about the procedure to get Himachal Pradesh employee payslip from e salary IFMS portal online describes the detailed process To get your payslip generated follow the below-mentioned steps correctly

On Login Download e Salary HP Slip

  1. To directly access the e salary portal directly Visit and check Himachal Pradesh e salary IFMS using the Himkosh IFMS portal
  2. In the menu go to the projects option
  3. To open e bill Login Page select option e salary from the dropdown
  4. In columns enter username followed by the password
  5. As shown in box type type image text in the column as shown
  6. The employee login page will be loaded when Sign in button is pressed and the details are verified
  7. In the menu, you will find the payslip option on the screen.
  8. From dropdown select Month and year of payslip
  9. The respective payslip will be loaded when generate button will be pressed
  10. You can choose it to download and the Himachal Pradesh employee payslip is now generated

Without Login Himachal Pradesh Employee Salary Slip

  1. Visit and now wait for the page to be loaded
  2. Under the citizen, services click on the Salary statement option
  3. Enter the employee name and number
  4. From the drop-down menu select your treasury
  5. Click on the login option
  6. Select year and month of salary slip
  7. Download your respective salary slip

Frequently Asked Questions About Himachal Pradesh e Salary

Can I download my last year’s Himachal Pradesh salary slip?

After successful login, the portal anyone can access their old salary slip by selecting the particular month and year Data from 2013 has been managed on the Himachal Pradesh Employee Salary portal which is managed by the IFMS portal

Does the Himachal Pradesh Employee payslip serve for Loan purposes?

Yes, The salary distribution of Himachal Pradesh state employees is given by using the IFMS portal and the payslip is evident employment proof Thus Salary slip downloaded from the portal can be used as a proof payment sheet for any purpose

What is the ID for use as a payslip username for employees getting payslip through the portal?

Employee code of the employee is used as the username for any e bill login under e salary portal and the treasury admin or DTO assign a specific employee code to employees

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