IGST Refund Status Track on ICEGATE

By | January 28, 2022

Information on IGST Refund Status Track on ICEGATE

The refund status of ICEGATE GST is now live Check out the process to find IGST refund status Refund or Export Ledger

For the convenience of business owners to facilitate them in paying custom taxes ICEGATE is an online portal by the Central Board of Excise and Customs The main purpose of this site is epayment of customs but many more services are also offered

All ICEGATE users who use the online portal to make their custom payments know that the refund is only possible in the IGST account in case the IGST is linked to ICEGate

Every time you make online custom payments you can see the received refund in your account Here given is the brief information about GST refund status in ICEGate

What is meant by IGST Refund?

The business owners involved in exports of goods  know  that a certain custom amount is to be paid as taxes As a part of paid tax a certain amount is reflected in the IGST account whenever taxes are paid

A certain refund amount is r4eceived from IGST on tax payment if GST is linked with ICEGate Through the custom process this shows the effective payment paid The refund amount is not huge but approximately 2% to 5% of the total amount is the refund

IGST Refund Status Track on ICEGate

Follow these steps to check the IGST refund status tracking process on ICEGate

  1. Visit ICEGate official website at icegate.gov.in and login
  2. Click services option
  3. Refunds
  4. Click the option Track invoice data status to share with ICEGate
  5. Under the option Invoices not submitted Click, the count option and tap download failed invoices
  6. The invoices not approved for refund will be displayed due to any errors
  7. Now click the download option to get the failed invoices with invoice number This file can be used for a refund again

Refund Exporter Ledger

To check the refund on ledgers follow the steps below

  1. Go to the official website of ICEGate

Login to your ICEGate account

  • Tap the services option

Now click the services option

  • Click the Refund and track option

Tap the Refund and status track option given

  • Click to view the export ledger option

Click the view export ledger option

  • Download your transaction CSV application and form

Click to download as CSV or you can download transaction CSV

  • Successful completion of Refund Ledger Transactions

The refund ledger will all the transactions and their associated refunds are shown

How to check IGST Refund status on ICEGate?

Click the services option after going to ICEGATE account Choose refund and click to track status The refund status would be shown once you export the refund ledger

What is the process to get my IGST refund?

Visit your account in case you have downloaded the IGST refund Click the option refund status track given under the Refund option now fill in your account number to get a refund

How to download refund from the IGST portal?

After going to your account click services and then refund option Now tap to track status Visit the refund search page and click to view export ledger and download your refunds

Refund not received after submitting invoice in ICEGate What to do?

The refund will not be received by you in case of refund failure That is why even after sending the invoice you haven’t received a refund on ICEGate

I have not Received IGST Refund Why?

The refund is not received but the invoice you have submitted to ICEGate is marked That is why your refund has failed

How can I check my IGST Refund amount?

From the view export ledger option on the refund search page, the refunds can be viewed

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