Multiple Challan Payments Using ICEGATE ePayment

By | March 22, 2022

Details about Multiple Challan Payments Using ICEGATE ePayment

Multiple challan payments are allowed in IceGate ePayment Custom challans can be paid online using CBIC e Payment portal Ice Gate Challans are paid at epayment.icegate

For the easy payment of eChallans a portal names IceGate ePayment has been introduced Before the goods are imported or exported as a consignment it is important for government associated taxpayers to pay their challans

At the customs gate based on goods size and brands, custom charges are to be paid The eChallans can be paid online at IceGate e Challan payment portal that allows multiple challan payments in one go

To check all your channels listed on the portal page you just have to log in with an IEC code By using the bank payment gateway multiple challans can be paid with one click as the portal is so attached

For Import and Export Custom Duty IceGate ePayment

based on goods types and brands all goods are examined by the customs office Based on the brand value of goods 5% to 40% custom charges are applied

  • How to connect GST Number with IceGate

It is mandatory to pay all the customs duties as per the rules As on goods movement from one country to another certain service taxes are applied

At the Indian boundaries, the Value Determination of Exported Goods rule 2007 was implemented, It completely depends on the entire value of custom charges being applied

Based on the country’s charges certain charges are to be paid on goods imported Goods can only be cleared for movement, only upon payment of all customs duties and charges

The custom charges must be paid as early as possible if the taxpayers need his full chain of goods duty-free Here given are the quick steps to get the challan ePayment Online

IceGate ePayment

  • Go to the ePayment portal at
  • Now choose the document type
  • Fill in your IEC code below
  • Choose the location
  • To proceed further tap submit button
  • To check if the bank is in this New e-payment gateway click the bank list
  • Or else you would have to visit the older ePayment page
  • Mark the unpaid challan to be paid from the list
  • Click OK to confirm that all the marked entries are correct
  • Choose your bank and move towards the ePayment gateway

As the transaction is made a successful message on the transaction status page appears You need to go follow the following guidelines if the challan payment gets failed

IceGate ePayment Transaction Failure Reasons

In IceGate ePayment portal there may be several reasons for which the IceGate eChallan payments may fail These are some common problems paid during eChallan payments

  • The confirmation is not received to the IceGate ePayment portal from the bank even after the payment gets completed by the user
  • Due to entering wrong credentials payment fails from the user side
  • If the account used to pay the eChallan has a low balance the payment may fail
  • During payment, process connection fails

The process to Pay Failed Transactions in the IceGate ePayment portal

Here are the steps to get your dues cleared through IceGate ePayment portal These steps are only to be used if the transaction failure occurs

  • Using your browser visit the portal
  • To enter the page use the IEC code and the location
  • To view all click Income transaction option from the menu
  • To complete the left transaction click the verify link
  • In the unpaid challan list, the failed transaction can be seen
  • As payment success, the paid challans are passed to ICES

If you see any of your challans unpaid in the list you can pay them using the given process To clear eChallan payments are to be made from the listed bank

       The process to Check IceGate Refund Status IGST

Complete process to check IceGate ePayment transactions

For the customers who want to get their challans cleared for smooth movement of their goods the portal has been made The transaction summary for the reference can be checked using the following steps

  • Login to the portal
  • Choose document type
  • Fill in the IEC Choose location, Enter the Captcha and submit
  • To tap to view the 60 days summary in the Transaction summary option
  • To view the challans paid today to IEC click Today Transaction
  • To get the details of challan start or end dates can be used
  • To view, the eReceipt of transaction Click the view button
  • The selected transactions to be printed will be displayed in a pop-up window
  • You can choose the printer page as per the printer settings Through the CBIC ePayment portal you have generated a successful transaction e Receipt

Points to Keep in Mind while Making IceGate ePayment

  • To get the exact results, it is mandatory for every shipment to be done slowly, While completing ePayment following are the points to be kept in mind
  • To make easy payments choose the challan due within a short time
  • Don’t click bank unless transaction gets completed in bank epayment gateway
  • Check payment status after 10 minutes and don’t rush to make the payment again
  • For the transaction and reference, e Receipt is must be collected
  • After the display ofpayment amount the internet banking credentials should be entered
  • If your bank is not listed in the new portal older portal is to be used

How many challans can I pay through IceGate epayment?

In a single click, a total of 25 challans associated with the IEC code can be paid The payment through bank processing by selecting the 25 of the list can be made Valid e Receipt for reference against each challan will be available for confirmation

Is it possible to generate CBIC ePayment transaction?

The new transactions can be checked on IceGate ePayment portal Bt to check was not allowed on the old portal

What are the observed timings for IceGate ePayments?

To receive the challan payments the IceGate ePayment portal is available between 9 AM to 8 PM The site doesn’t respond on Indin Holidays and Sundays To process the goods smoothly the challans should be paid in time

Is it mandatory to pay the charges like Custom duty?

To pay the goods charges is must custom office as per Goods Regulation of India The total import and export charges for goods from one country to another are the custom charges To pass or enter the country is not allowed without paying custom duties

What to do if IceGate ePayment fails to proceed?

In the above article, several reasons have been displayed for the failure of eChallan Payment After the transaction failure it is just waiting for 1 to 2 hours Your challan will be passed to ICE in case any connection failure occurred

From where IceGate challans are generated?

Through the GSTportal challan are to be created by the taxpayer using the given options To check the status of the challan created check challan status option is also available

Are the import and export duties different?

Import duty is applied if produce is imported within the country If the goods are exported to some other country export duty is applied For the free movement of goods across borders both custom duties are to be paid

Can a taxpayer get the dues cleared without paying tax duty?

No, without paying custom duty the goods cannot pass customs office The goods may get seized in customs office if the customs duty is not paid Only upon payment of tax duty along with applicable penalty the goods are allowed to pass

Is it a good idea to get good form action from the office of the customs department?

There is  a certain limit of goods that can be kept at customs office The goods are moved to the auction center after a certain period At lesser rates than the market value many parties remain ready to buy the goods

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