Insurance Policy Status, Bonus, Nominations and More Using LIC SMS Alerts

By | March 31, 2022

Know More About Insurance Policy Status, Bonus, Nominations and More Using LIC SMS Alerts

Want to check your LIC policy status by SMS, find out the available keywords to check LIC Policy status by SMS Using SMS Alert Service provided by LIC Life insurance installment premium, Bonus ,loans and all informatio is given to insured customer like with LIC Login services

Theinsured members of LIC who register their mobile number to LIC SMS service are provided with SMS alert facility be LIC To get the insurance policy related information predefined keywords are to be sent by the insured person to the specified numbers

Nowadays, everyone wants all their required details incliuding bank account details, electricity bill payment, income tax filing, etc. on their registered mobile number So LIC SMS service is initiated by LIC India with specific keywpoprds introduced to get SMS alerts about different services

LIC SMS Alert Service Activation

The registered LIC mobile number with activated LIC SMS alert service is mandatory to get benefit of the service Otherwise, only periodic SMS alerts are received containing policy premium related info

                                  LICHELP to 922249224

Various queries related to LIC India insurance can be asked after registering for LIC SMS alert services Send the specified keywords for various queries to 9222492224 or 56767877 and the grievances can also be registered using LIC SMS service So here given is the LIC SMS for various services

For LIC Product query or life insurance policy related questions and complaint regiatration send the SMS to 9222492224 or 56767877

                             LICHELP<Insurance Policy No>

By sending ASKLIC keyword any infirmation regarding policy details or any other services like premium, loans, bonuses, Revival and Nomination can be check apart from the above given service

LIC POlicy Status by SMS

Any insured LIC customer has the facility to check the present LIC policy status by using the given SMS keyword and sending the keyword to 9222492224 or 56767877

                            ASKLIC<Policy No>STAT

On SMS LIC Premium Check

Following can be sent by registered LIC SMS alert service customer to get premium LIC POlicy amount and related information

                  ASKLIC<Policy No>PREMIUM

On SMS LIC Policy Revival

Lapsed LIC policy can be checked anytimeby sending the following keyword for revival during any special campaign time to get some waival or anytime without having any concessions The SMS Format to be used is

                              ASKLIC<Policy No>REVIVAL

On SMS LIC Nomination

To check thenominee details if forgotten LIC insured policyholder can check by sending the keyword to 9222492224

                                      ASKLIC<Policy No>NOMINATION

Through SMS other than the above mentioned services last annual date, annual amount and the insurance details can be checked The list of LIC keywords to get LIC Policy information is given By checking the list send the SMS that are required against the said format


To Know LIC’sSMS Keyword to 56767877 or 9222492224
Installment PremiumASKLIC <Policy No> PREMIUM
Bonus AmountASKLIC <Policy No> BONUS
Loan Amount AvailableASKLIC <Policy No> LOAN
Revival AmountASKLIC <Policy No> REVIVAL
NominationASKLIC <Policy No> NOMINATION
LIC Policy StatusASKLIC <Policy No> STAT
Existence Certificate DueASKLIC <Policy No> ECDUE
Cheque Return InformationASKLIC <Policy No> CHQRET
Last Annuity release DateASKLIC <Policy No> ANNPD
Annuity AmountASKLIC <Policy No> AMOUNT

For each SMS to be sent to 56767877 Ruppes 3 are charged for each SMS The charges will be showed in account if you are a prepaid customer and the charges will be included in mobile bill if you are postpaid user

It is allowed by the LIC India to register for LIC Help SMS service through the registered mobile number You can avail the SMS Help by LIC to get your queries resolved instantly

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