Kuber IFMS Portal for Jharkhand Payslip Download

By | February 8, 2022

Info on Kuber IFMS Portal for Jharkhand Payslip Download. 

Using the Kuber IFMS portal download the Jharkhand payslip Use your PRAN number or CPS/GPF to login and directly print the Kuber payslip

For the Jharkhand State Government employees working in different departments, Kuber Integrated Financial Management System is the Employee specific portal used to download payslips A quick glimpse of personal and financial data is available for Jharkhand employees in the portal

Kuber IFMS Portal provides various services including Leave details, service history, statement, leave encashment, and much more

Using the employee details employee must register to the IFMS portal to access all the services as a unique password is assigned to every employee that he can use to access the Kuber IFMS portal

Jharkhand Employee Payslip Requirements

Some basic requirements are to be fulfilled by the employees in order to download their payslip These important points must be checked before payslip download

  • The employee must register first to IFMS portal
  • GPF/PRAN or CPS Number
  • Generated password during registration

Payslip download Jharkhand

To log in and access the Kuber IFMS portal is a must in order to download employee payslip To get your payslip downloaded easily follow the steps

  1. Visit jkuber.jharkhand.gov.in to land on Kuber Integrated Financial Management System Official Page
  2. Choose eKuber employee portal and a new page will be opened in tab
  3. Fill in your CPS/GPF or PRAN number that you have already used during registration
  4. Now fill in the password in the next column
  5. Wait for your details to be verified after clicking log in button
  6. You have now accessed the employee page
  7. Choose the payslip option and select a particular month and year
  8. Tap to Get Report and to download the file
  9. Your selected month jKuber payslip have been downloaded After accessing data from the employee portal page Don’t forget to log out

What are the services provided by the Kuber IFMS portal for Jharkhand employees?

The services include GPF Check, advance leave encashment, payslip, leave statement, Benefits, recovery, contribution, and all other employment-related information is given in the portal

Is it possible to change the mobile number on the Kuber IFMS employee portal login page?

The assigned DDO officer can be contacted if you want to change the mobile number by requesting them to change it After the update the new mobile number will be automatically attached to your account

How can I reset my Kuber IFMS portal password?

Yes, an online method is available for the Kuber IFMS Portal To set the new password employees must possess the registered mobile number

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