Lakshmi Vilas Bank Online Web Net Banking Services

By | December 29, 2021

Lakshmi Vilas Bank Net Banking Services

The Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) Net Banking Services (now DBS) has its own online platform and provides the account holders with access to various features. Account holders need to get their internet banking account activated to access these online features.

This platform helps the users in getting loans, paying credit card bills etc. without visiting the branch physically. The online banking service is available 24×7 and it also offers customer support to help the customers.

All account holders are given access to a website where they will have to login using unique credentials, not to be shared with anyone. To avail the online banking service you will have to get an account in the Lakshmi Vilas Bank (now DBS).

LVB Internet-banking Registration

The users whose mobile numbers have been linked with their bank account can use it to register for online banking by following the given steps:

  1. Visit the website of Lakshmi Vilas Bank (
  2. Click on Login (top right)-> Register
  3. Click Continue Net Banking (A new page will open)
  4. Click on Register (New user)
  5. Enter your details as given to the bank

Account type->Customer Id-> Select Branch-> Enter Account Number-> First Name->Last Name-> Email ID-> Date of Birth

  • Click on Continue-> Enter OTP (sent to registered mobile number)
  • A reference will flash on your screen, note it down once the registration is done

Lakshmi Vilas Bank Internet Banking Registration (offline)

  1. Visit the nearest Lakshmi Vilas Bank branch
  2. Open your account in the bank
  3. Submit your documents along with other details
  4. Get your mobile number and email address registered
  5. Fill out the internet banking form
  6. Submit the form to the concerned officer
  7. The application will be checked by a concerned team and internet banking account details will be sent to the registered mobile number within 14 days of submission of the application

LVB Internet Banking Login

Once the Internet Banking ID and password have been received customers need to visit the Lakshmi Vilas Bank online banking page. The following steps need to be followed:

  1. Visit the Lakshmi Vilas Bank online banking page (
  2. Click on Continue to Net Banking (Login page will be loaded)
  3. Enter your User ID and Password
  4. Click on the Login button
  5. Go to Toggle Menu option on Dashboard and get access to the various features offered by Lakshmi Vilas Bank
    • Term Deposits
    • Recurring Deposits
    • Loan and Finance
    • Nominations
    • Statements
    • Interest Certificate and more

FAQ’s – Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) Net Banking Services

Does Lakshmi Vilas Bank charge any amount for customers to avail Internet Banking facility?

No, Lakshmi Vilas Bank provides internet banking facility to its customers free of cost

What to do if you don’t receive Lakshmi Vilas Bank Internet Banking User ID and Password?

The users will get their internet banking User ID and Password to their correspondence address within 7 working days of submission of application. However, if the User ID and password are not received then the customer needs to visit the home branch to get the status update on their application. The customers can also check the LVB forgot password reset process.

Is OTP mandatory to activate online banking in LVB?

Yes, OTP is necessary to make sure that the transaction is secure and it also used to access the LVB net banking page. At the time of account opening the customers are asked to register their mobile number in order to make sure that OTP is sent directly to their registered mobile number.

Is the User ID and account number same in Lakshmi Vilas Bank?

No, the internet banking ID and account number are different for Lakshmi Vilas Bank. Once the user submits his/her application for internet banking, the bank decides a unique ID based on the customer’s name and the same will be used as the internet banking Used ID.

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