LIC Maturity or Death Caim, Claim Status Check

By | January 15, 2022

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Process of LIC Maturity or Death Caim, Claim Status Check

In case of sudden demise or upon maturity you must know the conditions to claim the LIC policy. Why does a LIC insurance claim gets rejected? After submission of the LIC Policy claim, what would be the time required to settle the claim and the process to check the LIC Claim status All of these questions are addressed in this article

LIC Claim

You can get the associated benefits upon enrolment in LIC Policy but to get the Life Insurance Policy benefits you would have to file a claim to the LIC for the death or maturity benefits associated with a subscribed life insurance policy The amount is given upon successful claim verification and the whole process of making a claim by the policyholder and verification and payment against that claim is termed as Insurance Claim Settlement Process

The Life Insurance Corporation is working in the market for about 50 to 55 years and they actively settle claims being an institution in Life insurance market In this era of huge competition LIC is still the best life insurance policy due to the trust it has gained by millions of customers over the years

New private players have entered the market with even better and beneficial plans but the business of LIC has been growing exponentially All LIC policyholders know that in case of any claims whether maturity or death claims LIC will help them in the future in the claim settlement process

LIC believes in quick, responsive, and smooth settlements against the claims by the policyholders that is why the track record of LIC is far better than its competitors It is very important for any Life insurance company to be quick and proactively settle any claims to build up a trust level in the market and to hold its position for long

Claim settlement should be so smooth, quick, and convenient that the policyholder may recommend it to others Here described are the types of claims and the proper claim settlement process explained

Types Of LIC Claims

  • Maturity Claim
  • LIC Policy Death Claim

In case of any settlement, the first step is to visit the LIC service branch Fill the form, and provide all required details for the quick claim settlement Empowerment of the policyholder relies upon how much knowledge he has for any kind of claim settlement process Here are the types discussed one by one

Maturity Claim LIC

Under the LIC Maturity Claim, the claim is settled at the end of the policy term or after regularly structured installment decided as per the policy terms decided Before the two months of due date any kind of claim is intimated to the policyholder For early and smooth  LIC claim settlement and withdrawal there are certain steps and documentation required

Death Claim Settlement LIC

After the sudden death of the loved ones, the most depressing and pinching process for the nominee is to fill the death insurance claim of LIC Over the traditional term insurances, LIC gives death claim benefits as a lump sum amount having tax benefits as well The LIC death Insurance claim is submitted in LIC along with the documents to proceed towards death claim settlement

Depending upon the insurance policy taken there exist different types of LIC death insurance policies like Accidental death, Natural death, and much more In the case of claim settlement it is a completely predefined process and the family nominee is required to settle the death claim as earlier as possible

So it is always advised to choose the most appropriate and best insurance policy for you and your family To take a long insurance policy of 15 to 20 years in this way the amount remain safe for longer period of time It is the responsibility of the family members or nominee to inform the death at the LIC office respective branch from where the policy was taken and to contact the concerned advisor at the office is the best approach You can also use LIC Customer Helpline to do the same process

LIC Claim Status

Within a short time of submission of documents along with the death LIC claim in the serving branch an email or SMS on registered mobile number is received as the acceptance of claim In any case death insurance claim is settled within 30 days of the time by the policy serving branch

There are two options to check LIC Policy status for the nominee

  1. Contact Branch
  2. Claim status check using LIC Login Service Portal

Before login to have a registered account at is mandatory After login click the option LIC Claim status check But the option is network dependant to show all the details of the LIC claim

As a second option, you can directly contact the dealing assistant at the LIC branch To know the maturity and death claim status after submitting the documents personal relationship manager can be contacted You will receive an intimation to resolve the issues in case of rejection of LIC policy claim

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