Member Portal for EPF Withdrawal Online

By | March 29, 2022

Member Portal for EPF Withdrawal Online

Check PF withdrawal rules and EPF amount withdrawal method online and the form to be used to withdraw EPF amount Find out the chances of EPF withdrawal without UAN number also the method to withdraw EPF amount from the previous company

With the new EPF calculation, EPFO department manages 12% of all salaried employees salary throughout their working career and give it back as the corpus of money after employees retirement The only purpose is to help employee save small chunks from monthly salary and get it returned as a surplus of money at the time of retirement

To be added to employees PF the employer also give a small contribution every month into the employee’s provident fund account In case of emergency situations and circumstances the employee can withdraw the amount or keep it saved for the retirement

EPF Withdrawl

The UAN number must be activated for an employee to go for  EPF withdrawal On the employee salary slip UAN number can be seen that needs to be activated and the KYC process should also be completed

  • Claims and Grievances Settlement using EPFO Timeline
  • EPF Passbook entries can be checked online

Circumstances and Eligibility for EPF Withdrawl

Basically, the employee is free to withdraw the EPF amount in certain cases as given by the Government of India there are certain eligibility conditions and circumstances for EPF amount withdrawal Here discussed are the circumstances in which the PF amount withdrawal from the EPF portal are allowed

Retirement: You can freely withdraw the EPF amount if you have completed your term of service and have retired from the job But the amount withdrawn from the pension account is not allowed

PF Amount Transfer from One Employer to Another

The PF money is to be transferred from one employer to another whenever an employee changes the job As from only one employer withdrawal of money, in the end, is allowed It is quite a huge effort to get PF money from the previous employer if not done in time

2 Months Unemployment:

the amount withdrawal in any circumstances is allowed if the employee is jobless for 2 months

Partial PF Amount Withdrawl

Upto 50% to90% PF amount withdrawal is allowed in various cases

The major reason for PF withdrawal may be

  1. Marriage
  2. Purchase of House or Land
  3. Education
  4. Home Loan Repayment
  5. House Renovation
  6. Before Retirement

To draw the money from the PF account various questions may pop up in employees minds and these are the frequently asked questions by the employees

Online Process for EPF Withdrawl

  1. Visit EPF UAN official website at
  2. Using UAN ID and password login
  3. Fill in the captcha as well
  4. Now you have the UAN portal created
  5. Go to the Online services option
  6. Claim (Form-31, 19 &10C)
  7. Fill in the last 4 digits of the bank account number during the step and verify
  8. Click Yes
  9. For online claims click proceed option
  10. Now the claim form is displayed
  11. Choose the claim type based on preference under the tab I Want to Apply For
  12. Choose the claim, claim reason
  13. These are the most important options to fill the amount with the address
  14. To submit the claim process click submit button

Without any hassle, the PF money claim can be made online anytime using the online EPFO portal Previously a long process with manual form filling was required which was hard but the EPF withdrawal process has been made much easier for employees all across India using the online EPF withdrawal process

Note: Within 15 to 20 days after applying for EPF claim the amount is received in the employee’s bank account and in some cases it may take around a month But this happens rarely in bank holidays or department holidays during the offseason

Is it possible to withdraw the EPF amount without a PAN number?

Yes, Without sing the PAN number EPF amount can be withdrawn online but at a maximum marginal rate of 34% a deduction for TDS is to be made from employees account No TDS will be applied on withdrawn amount in case the same amount is more than 50,000

What tax rate is applied on EPF Withdrawl?

On EPF withdrawal no tax is applied if the amount is more than 50,000 and in another case 10% TDS is applied on EPF amount withdrawal On EPF withdrawal without PAN number 34% of the tax is levied

How many times an employee is allowed to make EPF withdrawal?

From the EPF account there is no limit for EPF amount withdrawal The six-time wage of the employee is considered as basic eligibility as employee share As per the EPFO regulations, the lowest amount is chosen to be withdrawn

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