Officer and Workmen Employee Basic Pay Scale BSNL Salary

By | April 6, 2022

Info on Officer and Workmen Employee Basic Pay Scale BSNL Salary

Check out the new basic pay scales of BSNL Employees working in officer cadre or workmen as per new pay scales In the BBSNL Old pay matrix find the pay fixation method and the pay band increased for   JTO, SDE, JE, STOA ad other salaries Also check the latest news on the applicable pay revision as per 7th Pay commission

With its headquarters located in New Delhi Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has the well-built reputation as India’s largest telecommunication company and employees are given larger scales in BSNL based on the work culture maintained BSNL have its department head offices spread all across the India as it has billions of employees associated to it

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In Gate or any conducted organization exam it is mandatory to qualify for applicants who want to join BSNL A pay scale is invited for a particular employee based on employees education and grade of work and all the variations in the employee pay are truly based on Grade of work

About the pay scales of BSNL employees detailed information is given in the article and for the employees to check their salaries and pay sheet every month can use the provided ESS login credentials and can be checked at BSNL ERP ESS Portal

Bsnl Employee pay scales mainly depend upon Time length, status, worker level, and the workers are listed as Public sector unit in this specific groups  and salary for groups are always the same New employees have to enroll to employee HRMS portal to get enrolled in BSNL and check their payment details The salaries for BSNL employees are announced as per fix

Non Executive Employees BSNL

Any BSNL employee working under the non executive department is considered to be a part of non executive cadre and their salaries commisioned are based on pay commisions  BSNL JE is considered as an employee of BSNL technical wing Under NE9 the telecom technical assistant is fixed The pay scale of BSNL employee STOA is considered under non executive clerical cadre and the pay scale is fixed under NE7

Executive Employees BSNL

In the E1 level the BSNL JTO employee salary is fixed and it is considered as a good pay scale Where as unde the E1 level the executive employee cadre is considered and for BSNL junior account officers the same cadre pay scale is applicable The employees working under the same cadre have the same pay scale for the group but work experience may vary in that case

Pay Fixation Method BSNL

The salaries are fixed for the employees assigned in executive and non-executive positions in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited For the BSNL employees having salaries under the pay scale fixation case here are the steps for BSNL employee salary Based on the below mentioned pay scale rules the salaries of BSNL employees have a limitation and based on employees category that meet the pay scale regulations

  • Under the rule FR 22 b the BSNL employees are enrolled
  • Under rule FR 22 1 a 1, FR 22  1 a2 is applicable when government employee is taken into BSNL position
  • Under FR 28 and FR 22 the BSNL employees are considered under violations and punishment
  • When revision of BSNL Pay scale occur salary change under Rule FR 23

BSNL Employees Pay Scale

Officer Pay MatrixIDA Pay Scales from 01.01.2000BSNL Officer Pay Scale from 01.01.2007
E19850 – 250 -1460016400 – 40500
E211875 – 300 – 1727520600 – 46500
E313000-350-1825024900 – 50500
E414500 – 350 – 1870029100 – 54500
E516000 – 400 – 2080032900 – 58000
E617500 – 400 – 2230036600 – 62000
E718500 – 450 – 2390043200 – 66000
E923750 – 600 – 2855062000 – 80000
E9A25000 – 650 – 3020062000 – 80000
Director25750 – 650 – 3095075000 – 100000
CMD27750 – 750 – 31500800000 – 125000
BSNL Non Executive Pay BandIDA Scales from 01.10.2000Workmen IDA Pay Scales from 01.01.2007
NE14000 – 120 – 58007760 – 13200
NE24060 – 125 – 59357840 – 14700
NE34100 – 125 – 59757900 – 14880
NE44250 – 130 – 62008150 – 15340
NE54550 – 140 – 66508700 – 16840
NE64720 – 150 – 69709020 – 17430
NE75700 – 160 – 810010900 – 20400
NE87100 – 200 -1010012520 – 23440
NE97800 – 200 – 1010013600 – 25420
NE108570 – 245 – 1224514900 – 27850
NE118570 – 245 – 1224516370 – 30630
NE129200 – 250 – 1320016390 – 33830

How Grade is Fixed for BSNL Employees?

Based on grades as per the work limit the BSNL employees are divided into grades The employees enlisted here are segregated from higher workplace to supportive workplace For executive and non executive BSNL employees the atching salary slab is announced for employees based on group and grade

  • Senior Admin Grade under Group A Finance & Accounts
  • Junior Admin Grade under Group A finance & Accounts SG
  • Senior Admin Grade Group A Level II
  • Senior admin Grade Group A Level I
  • Senior Accounts Officer
  • Group B (JTO / JAO / SDE / DE / AO)
  • PS
  • Senior Hindi Translator
  • Phone Mechanic
  • Driver
  • Junior Hindi Translator
  • Technician
  • Stenographer

The 3rd pay revision for BSNL employees id dure from 01.01.2017 Due to nonprofit of the company declared the pay revision was not implemented and VRS is made by 7000+ BSNL employees recently and the lll PRC is expected by BSNL employees in 2021 which will bring revised pay scales and added benefits

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