Check Monthly Salary Details Karnataka Salary Slip 2021

By | April 2, 2022

Check Monthly Salary Details Karnataka Salary Slip: 

Download your Karnataka  payslip online The working teachers, Police, and other employees can print or download their payslip to check details of the monthly salary

Payslip Karnataka State

In Karnataka State, there are a lot of institutions and organizations that are government baked and have thousands of employees associated with them All the employees are considered as employees of Karnataka State government This is an initiative for the employees so that they can check their pay details especially their monthly salary slips for which every employee waits anxiously

For the working employees, Karnataka State Government has introduced Human Resource Management System that mainly works to serve the employees In this article complete the complete guideline to access the HRMS platform has been explained

In simple words. HRMS is the portal that can be used by Karnataka State Governemnt employees that offers various services but mainly it is used to check payslips, leaves, and more

In the same ways, the portal is used by the administration to help the students with their requests like payslip download, etc using the HRMS login system In order to online download the payslip from the Karnataka HRMS portal these are the steps to be followed

HRMS Payslip Karnataka Download

  1. Visit the official website

Go to Karnataka HRMS website

  • Choose the type of employment

As per the nature of employment choose HRMS-Gov/ HRMS-Aided/HRMS Boards or universities option

  • Enter the user ID and Password

Now fill in the user ID and the password

  • Fill in the captcha code and choose Eglish Option

Enter the captcha code as in the image and from the drop-down menu choose the English language

  • Click the login button get redirected

To access the HRMS portal click the login button and login to the HRMS login page in a new window

  • Tap the reports option

Wait for the page to load after clicking the reports section

  • Tap timeline and choose salary slip period

After clicking the timeline choose the time period of the salary slip for which it needs to be downloaded

  • Click the submit button and download format

To get the Karnataka payslip downloaded you have to submit the details Review the payslip by downloading in Pdf Format

HRMS Karnataka Password Reset – Retrieve Process for Password

  • Visit Hrms Karnataka official website at
  • Click the change password option given on the login page
  • Choose your role
  • Fill in the old DDO code
  • Enter the old password here
  • Enter a new password different from the previous one
  • For confirmation re-enter the new password
  • The password will be changed by clicking the submit button

Note: The HRMS portal is only accessible to Governemnt employees and the members registered from HRMS-AIDED, Boards and Universities can also use HRMS

Is it possible to download all payslips from HRMS Karnataka?

Yes, by using the step-wise guide all payslips can be downloaded from HRMS Karnataka While downloading the payslips using HRMS make sure to choose a correct timeline

How can I get the DDO code from HRMS Karnataka?

To get the DDO ode from HRMS Karnataka, The Karnataka Treasury website of particular areas is to be used to get the DDO Code

Is it allowed for Karnataka teachers and Police to download their payslips from the HRMS portal?

All the State Governemnt of Karnataka employees can use the portal to access their payslips no matter if they have their separate or dedicated portals for the same task

Is it allowed for A bank employee in Karnataka State to get the payslip from HRMS?

In the HRMS portal, the Nationalized bank employees are not given access to get their payslips The bank employees working in Cooperative banks or other government-aided banks can access the HRMS portal If you are a State government employee use your credentials to log in

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