Online Download UP Police Payslip PDF for 2021 Salary Details

By | January 27, 2022

Information on Online Download UP Police Payslip PDF for 2022 Salary Details

From the list of UP Police nominal roll, you can download the UP POlice payslip To check the detailed pay information about recruited Cadre like SI check the employee payslip

Salary 2021 UP Police

As every state has separate police to maintain the law and order situation within the state effective management of Payments and salaries is required by using the payroll management system for all the separate organizations Uttar PradeshPolice Nominal Payroll System is the system implemented in case of UP police to manage their payments For the police department employees it is a simple interfaced pay management system that works to manage the employee salary details

In more than the Hindi language the UP police payroll management system is accessible and implemented using an online website If someone can read only Hindi or English only it is difficult to use The information to access the payroll effectively is given in details that is the reason UP Police payslip and Payroll management system is to be explained in detail

UP Police Payslip Access and Online Download Paylsip in PDF Format

The most important step is to access the payslip from the Uttar Pradesh police department website in order to get it downloaded As the UP government has created a sole website for the employees that is the reason the process to access the UP Payslip is very simple

Payslip UP Police

In order to check their salary, the police department employee Of Uttar Pradesh State have to access the payroll management system or some part of HRMS UP Payslip details for any month can be checked anytime online

All the required details including Personal Number ID is to be entered that is 9 Digits number assigned to every recruited employee in Uttar Pradesh Police Department The offline salary slip option is also available

There is a  separate row assigned to enter EPF number i.e UAN number and to enter the 9 digit number mentioned above there is a separate row assigned

UPP Payslip Choose Month and year

As you have a personal ID you can use toretrieve your payslip directly but you mustbe aware of the month and year for which you need the salary slip to be downloaded

  • If salary slip of January 2021 is to bedownloaded fill in the below required details
  • Enter the month number as 1 as name of the month is never entered
  • Fill in the year i.e 2021 or you can choose any other year for which you need the salary slip

Click the show report option after filling in all the details as asked and the respective payslip of the UP Police department will be displayed

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