Railway Department Employee ID & Family Health Card Application

By | February 3, 2022

More About Railway Department Employee ID & Family Health Card Application. 

For the employees working in Railway department, Family Card and Health card are the most important Check out the new application form presented to be submitted to higher authorities for early sanction

The One for all health card by the Railway Department of India is a clear picture that depicts diversified medical courses and services for the employees and their families and each employee can avail all the medical benefits In order to apply for a Family health card an application form is to be submitted

Under the Family health cards, all the members of the family are covered Before applying for the family health card make sure to check the eligibility and conditions mentioned in the application form and then the medical department approves the application submitted and you will get a family health card and employee ID

Family Health Card & Employee ID

The date of birth, blood group, and relation should be mentioned by the employee and as per the railway rules all the details are considered relevant, The family health card is issued for all the family members By using proper channel it is sent through the concerned staff officer where the sanction of the card is the responsibility of CPO/SC of the zone

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