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By | January 6, 2022

Get Details For Staff, School and Citizens Shaladaran Login. 

For school staff and citizens on live Integrated Shala Darpan Login. Check Shala Darpan benefits and process to search reports in Rajasthan State using

For every teacher in the state Government Of Rajasthan has introduced an integrated website. All the information regarding schools, teachers, students, and all the related servants are present in Shala Darpan If you are teaching in Rajasthan State you must have access to the Shala Darpan website and use it to enjoy various services

This is a useful website for the teachers and to get knowledge about future aspects of teaching as a profession.  The School Education Department and Rajasthan Council of Education Department manage the website. To get your work done easier and smoothly, Shala Darpan official has many features

Shala Darpan


A lot of information for both teacher and student is available on the Shaladarpan website. Here are some valuable points to understand more about Shaladarpan Website

  • The student date profile management containing name, parent name, score, health information, and scholarship related information of student is maintained
  • In case a student is absent from the class an SMS would be sent to parents by the Shala Darpan portal as students have an ID card issued and they have to swipe it while entering the class
  • Teachers are updated by portal about their employee details, recruitment, new opportunities, postings, payment, and much more
  • E tutorials and learning aids for students to develop their knowledge by using the facility
  • To become teachers recruitment and new opportunities to follow this career path
State Rajasthan, India
Motto Keeps Online live data for primary and secondary education students, schools, and staff under the Government of Rajasthan
                  Email [email protected] [email protected]
Voice helpline 0141-2700872, 2711964  

Services of Shala Darpan Portal

Shaladarpan Portal Has a list of services that are extremely beneficial for both teachers and students in their everyday lives. Following are the mentioned services in Shaladarpan Portal

Citizen window, school search, school report, student report, staff report, Internship opportunities, staff window, School NIC SD ID, and login register staff

The main purpose of Shaladarpan

To bring all student details under one roof Government of Rajasthan decided to bring a portal. Shaladarpan has complete educational details from primary to secondary level along with academics and sports. During their school life, students can access the portal anytime during their career as it is specified for students of Rajasthan

School Search In Shala Darpan Online

In case you are registered in the Shaladarpan portal, you can search any school to get its details on your computer screen. To get the information of any school you have to follow these simple steps

  1. Visit Shaladarpan official website
  2. Within the URL bar type and open the website page
  3. By clicking the resident window click the option search school
  4. From search options search by NIC code, PIN code, and District form
  5. Click the search and button and you have to wait for results to appear on your screen
  6. Now you got a list of schools searched by using selected search options

Shaladarpan Login

  • Visit Shaladarpan using link
  • Click the login button displayed in the right corner
  • To access the page use your username and password
  • Use the option for the menu on your personal page
  • You can check your attendance and other personal details if you want
  • That’s it. Without visiting the schools’ students and teachers can access their personal information anywhere anytime

Staff Login Shaladarpan Portal

If you are a teacher you must visit Shaladarpan as staff and get your details. Here are the steps you must follow to log in as staff on Shaladarpan Portal

  1. Visit
  2. By scrolling down click the staff window and open
  3. Click staff login form on top
  4. In staff, login enter your username and password
  5. By entering captcha code click the login button
  6. Now the process is complete you are registered as staff on the Shaladarpan staff login form and your credentials are verified. Here you have all the details provided

What is inside Shala Darpan Staff Window?

 In the staff window, all the teachers teaching in Rajasthan state are registered and they can log in and access their updated information any time

Options of  School NIC SD ID, Staff Details, Transfer Schedule, Help Desk, User manual, transfer orders, seniority list instructions, Award Application are within staff window

Steps To Change Password In Shala Darpan

You can change your forgotten password in the Shaladarpan website by following these simple steps

  1. Visit Shaladarpan Official Website at and click login
  2. Click on forgot password option and wait for the loading of the window
  • Fill in your registered mobile number and username
  • Provide captcha and click submit button that appears
  • Your verified details are taken to change the password
  • Enter the new password and click submit
  • That’s it. The password for Shaladarpan online portal has been changed and now you are allowed to access the portal using new password along with your registered username

Shala Darpan Citizen Window

You can get enough information about schools, students, and staff reports online using the Shala darpan portal as a citizen of Rajasthan. You can have a quick overview of the reports and the information is updated  without credentials

School Search: By searching using PIN code or district name information about schools in Rajasthan state can be checked

Reports Of School: To get information about the High Rate School,  English Medium Schools, schools under Adarsh scheme, Under Utkrisht Scheme, KGBVs in Schools, CWSN for Schools, Model schools and other residential schools can be checked

Reports Of Students: All student information based upon the class-wise, group, and gender-wise categories Enrolment of minorities and CWSN enrolment type can be viewed

Reports of Staff: Reports of Working status, Level wise teacher, Principal, and Headmaster in elementary as well as secondary school and Of PTI in schools

 Can check the teacher’s attendance be checked in Shala darpan online?

The Shala darpan website is designed in a way that it provides information about teachers on your screen. After login with staff login as well, teachers can check their attendance and further leaves can be applied if required

Is registration mandatory on the portal to check school?

No, anyone visiting the citizen window on the official website of Shala Darpan can search for the available school in Rajasthan state and check out its criteria Also the Segregation of schools on basis of their development by government schemes

Is it possible to change student details on the portal?

All information of students based on available records in the school is prest on Shala Darpan portal. By visiting the Shala Darpan website the changes regarding name and education can be made The same edited information is displayed and reflected upon visiting.

What is the total number of schools and students in Rajasthan state?

According to an update of the Shala Darpan website, there are 6600 school and 86 lakh students in total studying in these schools. As all government and private schools are registered under Shala Darpan’s official website, the data is absolutely correct.

How does Shala Darpan send any particular information to the students?

An ID card is provided to each and every student using technology provided by Shala Darpan. They must have their card whenever entering classrooms. If they delay or get unable to do it, a message of absence will be sent to the students

How to apply for the teacher position at Shala Darpan?

The option of recruitment to get opportunities can be used by those who are Looking for new teaching opportunities in Rajasthan. Teachers are supposed to attend the interviews if selected by the school Headmaster and submit their details in profile

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