Rajasthan Social Security Pension Raj SSP- Eligibility and Status Check

By | January 18, 2022

Rajasthan Social Security Pension SSP (Raj SSP) – Eligibility and Status Check

Submit your application at the RajSSP portal to avail Rajasthan Social Security Pension Here explained are the requirements and eligibility to Apply Check out the Status and Grievance Redressal for Rajasthan Social Security Pension Schemes

The government of Rajasthan has introduced the scheme named as Rajasthan Social Security Pension Scheme Purposely created to facilitate and provide services to citizens Financial support is being provided to the deserving who are being covered under the scheme

The scheme ensures to provide benefits to widows, senior citizens, and disabled individuals in terms of money In order to avail RajSSP a popup registration and a series of processes are required

The scheme is only for the citizens of Rajasthan state and does not give benefit to people from any other state

RajSSP Scheme

RajSSP scheme has been introduced by Social Justice and Empowerment Department of Rajasthan State Government Central government and State government together completes the total payment process to the citizens To provide even better facilities the RajSSP scheme is now a merger of many small schemes introduced previously

Under the RajSSP three important schemes including Indira Gandhi Old Age Pension Scheme, Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme, and Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension schemes are being covered

RajSSP scheme has taken up the same side  of all of the three mentioned schemes

Name of the SchemeSocial Security Pension or RAJSSP
DepartmentSocial Justice and Empowerment Department, (SJED)
StateRajasthan, India
Helpline email for Pensioner Yearly Verificationrajssp2015 at gmail.com
Helpline Phone number01412226627

RajSSP Eligibility

In order to avail of the RajSSP  scheme here is the eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled by the citizens

State Pension Plan

For SDPS income of the employee must be below. 48000 and in the case of the SDPS scheme it should be less than 60000Rs. Eligible individuals for RajSSP include Divorced Women, Women below 55 years, People with 40 percent disabilities, and individuals with dwarf Hijra.

National Pension Scheme

The individual that exists below the poverty line are considered eligible for RajSSP The individuals above 60 years of age can apply in the IGNWPS scheme The women and men above 40 years of age are also considered in the IGNWPS Scheme The third step in the IGNWPS scheme would be to consider individuals with 18 years of age and have 80% disability

RajSSP Scheme Application

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned you can apply for RajSSP by following simple steps

  1. Go to Rajhastan SSP portal at https://rajssp.raj.nic.in
  2. Check for applications required for the respective pension scheme
  3. As per the documents fill up the application form
  4. After attaching the proof documents submit the application to the office
  5. The application would be viewed after submission If the documents get verified application is subjected to further processing

RajSSP Scheme Verification Process

Following points about the application verification should be kept in mind before applying for RajSSP

  • Sub-Divisional Office or block development office is to be visited by the applicant with the application and the required documents
  • The application and the documents filled are then checked and verified by Tahsildar and Naib Tahsildar and then are sent to the sanctioning authority
  • The verified application would be further checked by the sanction officer Now the disbursement authority is to be agreed upon for the application
  • Payment process will be initiated as the disbursement authority ‘Treasury or Sub Treasury’ Office receive the sanctioned order
  • The disbursement is initiated and saved as per the payment mode populated in RajSSP Form Your name would now be considered in the scheme for a year

Registration and Login Process RajSSP

The online portal can be used by the pensioners using the credentials created Here is the process to Login and register for the RajSSP scheme

  1. Your ID get created in the RajSSP portal as you apply for the scheme
  2. As per the filled details get your login credentials from the divisional office
  3. Fill in the same credentials to login
  4. Your details along with the application applied would be displayed once you log in
  5. Now you have successfully registered and login for the RajSSP scheme

Showing Incomplete Records in Application Status

Click the reasons option if you have visited the RajSSP Application and the status is being shown as incomplete records Look for any missing or mismatched data or documents Based on the rectified error update your application and go-ahead

Pension Status Check RajSSP Online Portal

Check the application status regularly if you have applied for the RajSSP Scheme This is very important to get educated about the process To check the status of your RajSSP application here is the guide

  1. Click the option Reports To View after visiting RajSSP official portal
  2. Wait for the page to load after clicking the option Pension Status Check
  3. Enter the application number and captcha code as shown
  4. Now the exact application status to your submitted application is displayed the time required for disbursement is also given

RajSSP portal Grievances

The official link accept your grievances as you are a citizen of the state using the portal To raise your grievances under the RajSSP Portal follow the given steps

  • Visit the RajSSP portal and from the main menu click the Reports option
  • Wait for the page to show various options after clicking the Pensioner complaint
  • To report your grievance to enter your application ID, Name, and Query type
  • To report the grievances click the save button after filling in the details
  • The concerned team contacts on a priority basis based on the severity of the grievance reported This is considered as the best and appropriate solution

RajSSP Pensioner Eligibility check Using The Criteria

Check your eligibility for the scheme before applying if you really want your name under RajSSP

  1. From the main menu Go Parrots after visiting RajSSP official website
  2. Based on your employment ID if you want to check your eligibility click JanAadhar and click the criteria option if you want to be judged based on age or disability
  3. Your eligibility is displayed on the screen based on the filled details
  4. Now check the eligibility first and then go for the RajSSP application Process

What to do if the status is shown as this Aadhar and Account number already exists?

You would have to visit and update your details in case they are mismatched Make sure that the details of any individual can be entered only once

How can I change the pensioner details in RajSSP?

Any of the details including name, father name, gender, age, etc. may get changed by visiting SBO or BDO of the zone Provide all the correct details and documents if you want to register for RajSSP

Is it mandatory to update the record yearly in RajSSP?

Disbursing amount is limited to one year but the details remain in the pension account forever To continue availing of the services, the details must be updated For next year a renewal application is to be sent in case you want to continue availing of the same service

Is it possible to update disability in the RajSSP scheme?

Depending upon the medical conditions, the disability can be updated if there is an increase or decrease in it Using the supporting medical documents the application can be updated through Bhamashah

What is the process to change the old age scheme to the Widow scheme in the RajSSP portal?

In the Bhamashah portal, the marital status is to be updated as the widow and the details are to be updated in order to change the scheme Shift from Old Age Pension to Widow Scheme

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