From One UAN To Another PF Account Merge Online

By | January 15, 2022

Process From One UAN To Another PF Account Merge Online

The new process of merging PF accounts is here Check out how to merge the PF accounts if you have two EPF accounts linked to two UAN

It is important to merge the UAN number if you have two UAN numbers as it is a unique number given to every individual and is linked to EPFO which doesn’t allow to have two UAN numbers

Two PF Accounts Merger

You will break the EPF rule in case of any delinquency and it is your responsibility being an employee to merge the UAN numbers Sometimes two UAN numbers are given to individuals when they switch a job

The PF account provides an online process to merge the two UAN numbers ethically with the associated PF account

Why two UAN numbers are allocated?

Two UAN numbers are created in the case when a person switches his job and with the new UAN creation the old UAN remain activated

If any exit date is not provided by the employee in EPF His account being considered as active it is mandatory to shift it to a new UAN

A new employer must be provided with the old UAN and EPF account of the employee This will help to merge the two UAN numbers into a single UAN for the EPF account

Two UAN Accounts For EPF Merge

The employer must be provided with old UAN so that the new and old UAN could be merged to form a single UAN to EPF

Method#1 Report the Issue to the employer

Through email, the following requirements should be concerned when reporting to the employer on EPF office

  • With the two UAN numbers send an email to [email protected]
  • To get the UAN number merged with EPF mention the two UAN numbers
  • The new UAN would be linked by detecting the older one
  • Now all your details would be under one UAN
  • The process is a little longer as you would have to wait for the email reply about your concern but in the end, your UAN numbers would get merged

Method 2 Online Merge EPF Account

You would have to transfer the PF online in order to get your new and old UAN numbers linked and merged with your EPF account

  1. Go to the official website of EPFO
  2. Click services and then the employee option to log in
  3. To access the EPF page fill in your login and password
  4. Click to online services
  5. To get your details in a new tab click One Member- One EPF Account
  6. Click the option get details to show the details you have filled and verified
  7. Click to generate OTP and then fill in the received OTP
  8. To enter the PF details of both employers fill up the Form 13
  9. A new tracking ID would be given as you submit the application

What would happen if an individual has two UAN numbers?

To have two UAN numbers is illegal as per the regulations by the government of India This would create a mess and your PF details would not be able to get tracked.

How many days are required to merge two UAN accounts?

21 Working days are required to merge two UAN accounts Any further delay is a sign that either you haven’t submitted the right details or the employer is not accepting your application

What is the purpose of Form 13?

To transfer PF from one account to another EPF Form 13 is used which is further used to merge the UAN numbers. To complete the merge process employee must have Form13 filled and signed and with approval by both the employers is submitted to the EPF office

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