Employee HRMS Services at BSNL ERP SAP ESS Portal

By | February 3, 2022

Know More About Employee HRMS Services at BSNL ERP SAP ESS Portal

To configure the settings of IRJ portal Login to SAP ESS Portal BSNL ERP eportal.erp.bsnl.co.in You can download payslip and by using email can reset locked password Check Pay information, income tax details, leave application, VRS application and much more


Self-service is the biggest reason for which BSNL employees should use the ERP portal With lakhs of employees all across India BSNL is the leading Telecom and broadband service provider Using Enterprise Resource Planning Strategy it is much easier to manage the number of employees

BSNL Enterprise Resource Planning Strategy Employee Self Service is being used in this context To get access to information and services every employee is given a login ID and password as well They can all the information including Salary Slip, basic pay, IDA, different income subscriptions, and much more

Basic pay received an employee’s bank account is the prime focus in payslip To check the basic pay along with added benefits only employees have the access to visit the portal


Following are the provided services for the employees by of the enterprise resource planning portal

Salary Slips: By using the portal salary slip for the working period for BSNL employees can be accessed The salary slip can be downloaded for whole or for any selected month

Salary Structure: Some employees even don’t know their pay scale and salary structure You can check out the basic monthly pay, incremental benefits, travel, and food benefits added to your salary All the information regarding EPF/GPF is also given

EPF Passbook: Every employee working in any organization must have avail PF scheme Under BSNL company, every month 1.5% of the basic salary is saved to employees PF account You can check your PF savings anytime and can withdraw under EPF services

Employee Insurance: As insurance is provided to all BSNL employees only insurance type is to be determined The term of insurance and benefits are associated with it by accessing the BSNL ERP portal employee can make changes or add family members to the policy


What are the other tasks that can be done with BSNL ERP Portal – Employee Guide

All the features are not understandable for employees therefore, the uses of the tools are listed with reasons Understand the purpose of ERP Portal and redefine your work and the usage after completion of registration

BSNL ERP Portal is Useful for Every Employee – Major Uses

Employee Search

  • To look for employees and colleagues working in BSNL search algorithm is available
  • The profile can be created using the portal You can also change the information for other employees to see

Work Timings and Shifts

  • Leave application can be made in this section
  • Present leaves and completed leaves Quota overview can be seen
  • Joining reports, all information related to joining date is available

Benefits and Payments

  • Slip for the selected period or selected month can be seen
  • By using government ID proofs and address information the employee verification process gets completed
  • To claim reimbursements including travel, food, etc. this section can be used to make a claim
  • BSNL loan application can also be requested using the ERP portal
  • In a few seconds, the Form 16 for the salary can be downloaded
  • The deductions made under Indian section 80 and all related information can be seen here

BSNL ERP Portal Login Process

The login process for BSNL ERP is very easy and here given is the stepwise guide to login

  • Visit the official BSNL ERP Portal

Go to BSNL ERP official page at eportal.erp.bsnl.co.in

  • Fill in the username and password

In the given box enter the username and password

  • Click the login option

To directly sign in to the portal click the login button

After the login process gets completed you have access for all the services and benefits

Profile Update BSNL ERP Portal- PI, Careers, Jobs

The information on the portal must be updated after account creation so that your account contains what others want to see 15 Days before the salary release date the bank account details have to be updated

Step 1: After login Go to the employee search option and choose the Change own data option as shown in the image

Step 2: Fill in all the required information including Name, email, extension, and more

Step 3: After filling in all the required information tap the review button Then Review and save page is loaded

Step 4: Click the Save button after confirming and the employee information filling process is now completed

Note: If you see something missing or wrong in added information when you review the application Click the option “Previous Step” and edit the information by going to the previous page

Personal Information Change BSNL ERP Portal – Address, Bank Information, etc.

You can change the information after logging in to the BSNL ERP portal and some of the changes must be made readily To receive the payment and benefits directly address and bank information can be changed

Step 1: Log in to the BSNL ERP ESS Portal and go to the Employee Self Service button given on top of the page

Step 2: Now click the given Personal Information button

Step 3: You can now click any of the added information to change as shown

BSNL ERP Password Reset

This usually happens to some people as it is a common thing to forget the password required to log in No need to worry as the password can be retrieved in a few minutes using the new ERP  Password Retrieve process

Follow the instructions to get a new password

Step 1: Visit BSNL ERP Login page

Step 2: Click the link “Forgot Password? Reset Here” given on the same page

Step 3: A new page will be opened You can now reset using your username, registered mobile number, and email address


Conclusion: To work is not as important for the employees as to have a better understanding of salary, loans, PF, and other benefits provided to them by the company To access the valuable information and grow the BSNL ERP portal can be accessed

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