Executives and Supervisor Employees Pay Scales BHEL

By | February 3, 2022

Know More About Executives and Supervisor Employees Pay Scales BHEL

For the employees working in executive or supervisors cadre here given are the new pay scales For engineers check out BHEL 3rd PRC new effective basic pay scales from 01.01.2017 and the other members of the BHEL family as per 3rd PRC

Pay Scale BHEL

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One of the biggest power equipment company and machinery company in India is Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited with 6 global offices, 17 functional units, 15 regional marketing divisions, and 2 repairing units in total

As BHEL is wide spread all across the country thus provides 20KMW capacity machines every year which thousands of employees working from all over the country Thus BHEL categorize its employees into working and non working categories thus their basic pay also differ

Based on work culture observed in the company Pay scales of employees has a graph vith lots of variations Along with the basic salary the grade pay is also added to employees total salary which is considered an important source of income There are many proposals for different payslip portals to generate the payslips as there are multiple work locations in this large organization

For the employees to login and access financial Portal ESS login opage there are multiple portas for employees working in different zonesFor using the login page employees have to verify their details

Based on work load the pay scales for the employees are mentioned Based on Government Pay Revision Committee the varying salary may increase From lower grade to Chairman different employee levels and their pay scales are listed

Different grades are assigned to the employees, thus depends which employee alary is fixed and promotions Basic pay of Low Grade supervisor is 32000 per month as he is at the beginning of the journey and A salary of 50000 per month is given to the same level engineer of the executive side

Initial salary of 80000based on no variation of increasing promotions is given to deputy managers and employees leaving to a manager level Basic salary of 1,80,000 to 2,00,000 Indian Rupees is given to director or chairman working as Head of Department Any extra grade pay will not be given to employees assigned to this high grade work profile

Supervisors (Including JE) BHEL Pay Scales

GradePay Scale from 01.01.2007New Pay Scale from 01.01.2017 in Rs.

Board Level and Lower Board Level Executives BHEL Pay structure

GradeExecutive Pay Scales from 01.01.2007Revised Executive Pay Scales from 01.01.2017 in Rs

All the acting managers are considered under the E grade employees and there is no limit of Engineers salary as per 3rd PRC It may increase based on project and work experience

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