Login Registration for Assam Employees to Access FinAssam ESS

By | April 8, 2022

Info on Login Registration for Assam Employees to Access FinAssam ESS. 

The state government employees can access the HRMS by using the official website of the Finance Department of Assam State to register. Registration for Assam Employees to Access FinAssam Along with the accounting system management for all the working employees the Finance department of the state manages the portal finassam.in The whole mechanism works for salary distribution to the employees

All the accounts of the total salary disbursed in Assam employees can be seen in the portal and the portal is much more convenient for employees to access their Payslips in time In order to access the portal all the employees are assigned with unique username and password

Registration Requirements for Assam Employees ESS Login portal

The registration is a must before accessing employee Payslip which can only e gained by fulfilling certain requirements Before starting the signup process make sure to check all these details carefully

  • Name as in employment records
  • Mobile number to be registered
  • Employee details associated with bank account
  • Respective bank IFSC Codes
  • To check and verify a few username combinations

The sign up at finassam.in is to be done by state government employees in order to access Assam employee Payslip These are the steps to be followed in order to sign up for the Assam employee web portal

  • Go to the web page of Assam State Finance Department at finassam.in and wait for it is loaded Login page is displayed
  • Click the option Employee login given in the top right corner of the page
  • After clicking the signup button awaits for the page to be loaded
  • Fill in the IFSC Code and account number used  for salary credit
  • Click the continue button and fill in your employee name
  • Enter the new username you will be asked to change if the username already exists
  • Enter New password twice to confirm
  • Fill in your mobile number
  • Click to receive OTP
  • Enter the received OTP and click the register button

After following all these steps precisely a pop-up message will appear showing that the registration process is completed successfully For Assam employee ESS login at finassam.in the web portal and you will also receive an SMS on your registered mobile number in order to access employee HRMS services

Is it allowed to choose the Name as the username to get the Assam employee Payslip?

Your suggested username is to be entered in the column and its availability is checked by a tool You can use the username if available otherwise it is suggested to use different word combinations for Assam employee payslip username

Is it possible to change the password after registration?

In the web portal, there is no available option for password reset A registered mobile number and a few other details are to be verified in case you want to change your password

Is it important to have IFSC codes to signup for the Assam employee payslip?

Yes, the bank details are to be submitted firstly by the employees to get their account activated and the employee details are checked Registration is proceeded based on registered employee details

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