Mobile Nmber Regstration TNEB or Update Online

By | April 6, 2022

Mobile Number Registration TNEB or Update it Online: 

For the existing electricity service connection register mobile number TNEB or updated online Get notified by the SMS alerts about the Bill status

In Tamil Nadu for electricity consumers either from commercial or domestic lines the complete service comes under Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB). These services are to be paid by users based on usage. 

For the meters installed in the houses, the consumers are provided with separate service connection numbers and any mobile number links are to be attached to electricity bills This helps the employee get the latest information about services and the due bill amount

Consumers have to pay the due amount as per electricity consumed to Tamilnadu electricity board The payment is to be done by using any official portal like TNEB Online Payment or the customers have to visit the customer service center

Mobile Number Registration TNEB

In the present day, it is essential to link mobile numbers to accounts whether bank accounts or portal accounts This helps the employee to get a quick update about the account, In the same way, the service connections are registered y the Tamil nadu state government with consumer personal mobile number attached

The connection updates are sent on a regular basis to consumer mobile numbers and timely updates are given about pending dues

The registration is done at using the below-given process It is updated the same way Any number may be overridden if already registered with a service connection

Mobile Number Registration TNEB

To get regular updates it is important for every employee to get the mobile number attached Here  given is the simple process to do that

  • Visit the TANGEDCO web portal

Go to the official website of Tamilnadu electricity board TANGEDCO at

  • Click Billing

Click the billing service option and cloak mobile number registration to open

  • Choose region

Choose your region, Enter the connection number and receipt number

  • Provide mobile number

Click the register button after entering mobile number

  • Complete Registration

For the respective connection number, your mobile number is saved by Tamilnadu Electricity Board

TNEB Mobile Number Registration Benefits

There are a number of benefits of registering your mobile number with the Tamilnadu Electricity board Here enlisted is the benefit that may help you take a quick decision

  • The bill generation is timely informed for your connection
  • You do not is the due dates after getting notified
  • Unit charges updated
  • Multiple service numbers can be tracked using one mobile number
  • Using the mobile number details can be obtained from the official website

Is it allowed to register multiple meter numbers to one mobile number?

A single number can be connected if the consumer has multiple service connection number All the updates will be sent to the same mobile number in that case The status track and bill due date can be checked

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