To Check Your Billing Status Before Payment TNEB Reading

By | January 15, 2022

How To Check Your Billing Status Before Payment TNEB Reading

Before issuing the bill for payment check the TNEB reading and find out your billing status online

In Tamil Nadu State power distribution is completely under Tamil Nadu Electricity Board It is providing electricity at cheaper rates for the citizens. As a consumer registers with the department meters get installed on short notice as the processing is quick

Under the Tamil Nadu government Tamil Nadu Generation and distribution corporation Limited works that estimate the electricity used by deciding unit charges. The process is based on metered billing and the prices are the same or everyone

As the unit increase rate charged per unit also increases All over India TNEB is the largest electricity supplier and has TNEB online payment method introduced for consumers facilitation

TNEB Reading Check

To check that whether your paid bill is applied in the department or not  Follow these steps and check the status of the TNEB reading

  1. Visit the TNEB reading portal

Go to the  link at

  • Select a region and enter Service number

Choose your region and fill in the service number given by the electricity department

  • Fill in the mobile number and captcha

Now enter the registered mobile number along with the security code

  • To get the OTP tap to proceed

After proceeding enter your mobile number already registered

  • Get reading details

Click proceed to get TNEB reading details

Mobile Number Activation SMS Notification For TNEB reading

To get the update of the TNEB reading on registered mobile number follow the process to get yourself registered and receive reading notification on SMS

  1. Visit the official website of TNEB at
  2. From the drop-down choose the region
  3. Fill in the service number
  4. For transaction fill receipt number
  5. Now enter the registered mobile number to update
  6. Click the register button and wait to receive an OTP on mobile
  7. Fill in the OTP and verify the details

Now you have successfully registered forTNEB mobile reading and you are now able to get reading details on mobile

Calculator TNEB Reading

Want to estimate your bill by yourself? Try the given process and get details about TNEB reading

  1. Load TNEB New Tariff master page at
  2. Choose tariff and click to select TNEB Billing cycle
  3. Fill in the details as asked and choose the connection type
  4. Now enter the details like KVAH, Contracted Load, Consumed units, etc. And click to submit

The TNEB reading based on provided details is loaded on the screen. Now you can check your electricity bill and verify the bills generated by the department

Complaint Cell TNEB reading

By reaching the TNEB official representative consumers can tell any problems regarding TNEB reading and record the grievances While making a complaint make sure to have your latest bills with you

  1. For the power supply complaints call 1912 and report
  2. To report your grievances to chair complaint cell call 044 28521109
  3. To report through Whatsapp use 9445850811

Is it possible to pay my TNEB Bill reading offline?

By visiting the nearest TNEB office the bill payment can be made for the month after receiving the TNEB bill reading You can also pay bills at any service center near you

Where to check my consumer service number?

On the Meter bill issued by TNEB, the consumer service number is displayed. This is a unique number for every meter and consists of 11 digits The service number can be used to make payment and check the TNEB reading

What will happen if I delay the TNEB bill reading payment?

Within the given time consumers are advised to pay their bills. Without any interruption, the penalty would be added in that case for the next billing month

What would happen if a consumer doesn’t pay TNEB reading payment for 6 months?

Two months or maximum 3 months exemption is given to the consumer to pay the electricity bills In case of further delays TNEB disconnects the consumer’s connection

Above 300 units what are the unit charges applied in TNEB reading?

The unit prices may get changed by the Government of Tamil Nadu and the exact per unit charge can be seen on the TNEB website. If consumption crosses the limit the charges applied per unit are around 6 Rs

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