Application for Inter Divisional Or Inter Railway Mutual Transfer

By | April 6, 2022

More Information on Application for Inter Divisional Or Inter Railway Mutual Transfer

Here given is the new format of mutual transfer application for Railway employees in case of inter Railway or Interdivisional transfers Check out the submission requirements and the complete process

There are thousands of employees working all across India in Indian Railways and they can switch between various department offices If you are a Railway employee working in any of the department offices and looking for the transfer in the same division or any other department in Railways then you must consider the mutual transfer application form

Two employees of the same or different departments can use the application form for mutual transfer and the grade pay change in case of any mutual transfers for the motion within departments

Application Requirements for Mutual Transfer

  • Two employees 4 sets of duly filled application form
  • Annexure 1 for both applications in 4 copies
  • Annexure 2  for both applications in 4 copies

Mutual transfer Process

The application form with recommendations necessary for approval is to be submitted by two employees for the change of place or mutual transfers The application is to be moved as described in the process

  1. The supervisory acceptance of both duly filled application forms is to be submitted by both the employees
  2. The application is moved from supervisory to the branch office
  3. At initiating Railway division the application is transferred from branch office to Personnel/establishment
  4. From personal branch to railway office the application is transferred
  5. If the above-mentioned cases get completed again is processed to Cadre Personal officer for acceptance or rejections
  6. If gets accepted, it is moved to another end division

Application Form for Railway Employee Mutual Transfer

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