UPI Online Payment for NPS Contribution at eNPS Portal

By | February 8, 2022

Info on UPI ONline Payment for NPS Contribution at eNPS Portal. 

Make NPS online payment to get credited to NPS account For NPS contributions get annual transactional statements

For the people getting superannuation, National Pension Scheme leaves a sense of security Employees to have to provide a monthly payment while working and this applies on both Indian and NRI’s

If you have set up the NPS online account and chosen the type of investment on which you want to focus you have to pay the decided monthly payment

If this is your first time making the NPS payment there are various payment methods available

There are various payment methods are cheques, net banking payments, credit/debit cards, and new methods available but the new method is using UPI NPS Contribution payment using UPI is made by following the method

On popular UPI services you can set up your UPI account like Google Pay, Phone Pay or you can use UPI ID to set up the account which can be used to make further payments in future

For NPS Contribution NPS Online Payment Process

Follow the steps as shown in the process if you have an account with NSDL Here given is the complete detail to use the eNPS portal for making UPI Payments that help in making the NPS Contribution payments

  • Visit NPS website

      Login to the NPS account using the account details and go to enps.nsdl.com/eNPS/InitialExistingUser.html

  •  Click the option Monthly contributions

Tap the monthly contributions option and to see due contributions click the pay button

  • Choose Month and click to pay

Choose the month and click the pay now

  • Choose Payment option

Go to pay with UPI page and choose the payment mode

  • Fill in UPI details

Enter the UPI ID or you can use the UPI app to make a payment

  • Choose app option for payment

Choose open the app option and for UPI use the app to pay

  • For NPS contribution Complete the payment

In this way UPI payment apps can be used to make NPS monthly contributions online

How to pay NPS contribution through UPI?

By logging in to the UPI account NPS payment can be completed Choos the pay monthly subscription option and choose a payment method to make payment through UPI

How to pay NPS through Google Pay?

Yes, Most of the UPI apps allows you to pay NPS payments Google Pay is one of them

Is it possible to pa NPS Online?

Using either online payments or another payment method NPS monthly contribution can be paid such as Net Banking, Debit/credit cards, and UPI

Is it right to connect the NPS account to a Bank account?

Yes, to get the retirement funds transferred it is allowed to connect the bank with NPS but this cannot be done for payment of monthly contribution

What is the method to log in to NPS?

Visit the official website and click the option login with PRAN / IPIN number and enter Now fill in the OTP to login

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