Railway Employee Composite Transfer Grant Application

By | April 15, 2022

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Information on Railway Employee Composite Transfer Grant Application

For Railway employees to transfer from one location to another a prescribed application form is to be attached for composite transfer grant Check out the requirements to submit a duly filled form

Depending upon occasions a grant is a subject allowance or reimbursement is given o Railway employees ad if the employees are asked to make a composite transfer the grand is offered in case of transfer from the current position to another department or so

To ask for reimbursement Railway employees have to use the application form as in most of the cases direct transfer grant is not offered The reimbursement amount is basically the money incurred over the transfer and the total cost employee has to bear

Check out the prescribed Railway Composite transfer grant form given and submit the form duly filled having all the details including pf relief and transfer details as( Transferred from, to, old and new station address, shifting the date for the new station and the expenditure incurred over shifting is included)

Transfer Grant Application Form

For reference and evidence, it is always advised to submit necessary transportation receipts along with duly filled transfer grant application form By using the proper channel this form is to be sent to the concerned supervisor in the Railway department

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