Railway Pass Application for Employees from Home or Foreign Lines

By | April 8, 2022

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Details on Railway Pass Application for Employees from Home or Foreign Lines

For the sanction of the class pass and school, privilege and for complimentary passes over the home and foreign lines check out the Indian Railway employees pass application form Also check out the conditions to apply for Railway Pass

The passes for the employees who are having a trip to a new place can be obtained from the department To get passes for you and your family if you are an employee of railway department office can be contacted

Using the employee service for which employee is eligible the entire family can enjoy a trip It is mandatory to submit the Travel application before 7 days of traveling  The employees must do so to avail their passes and get them prepared at the time of departure to be used while traveling

A form showing department heads approval is required to be attached with the application to get the passes issued as described

  Application for Employee Passes Over Home/Foreign Lines

In the Railway pass application, the applicant must mention all the details regarding outward and return journey and the station to be visited should also be mentioned The name, age, and date of birth of the family members are also to be specified who wish to travel using the applied pass

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