Check Annual Account Telangana GPF Slip Download

By | January 9, 2022

Check Annual Account Telangana GPF Slip Download 

In the form of GPF Slip download, Telangana State Government Employee GPF Annual Account Statement  Check out the current status of the GPF account to check credit entries in GPF Account towards deductions

Telangana GPF Slip

From the basic monthly salary, a fixed percentage is deducted of Telangana State government employees GPF is the service to provide benefit to these State government employees

Anyone who is a permanent government employee can enjoy facilities added in their employer account The amount is gradually accumulated and shared by the employer as well

Employees can take the amount in case of emergency and the added benefits are also provided GPF Account has a large fixed amount given to employees at the time of retirement

With added bank account interest the total amount is automatically sent to the government employee account

Requirements For Telangana GPF Payslip

Anyone who fulfills below-mentioned eligibility criteria can follow the process for GPF Payslip online Make sure to have credentials in hand while reaching the portal

  • GPF Account linked mobile number
  • GPF Account Number
  • The employee must be permanent

GPF Slip Online TS ZP

 To get access to the GPF PaySlip follow these simple steps

  • Visit the direct link for Telangana state GPF at and wait for the treasury and account web portal to download
  • Click the employee option in the middle of the page
  • A new tab will be opened click AG GPF Account slip
  • To submit the information you would be taken to a new page
  • Select department series as per your department
  • Fill in GPF Account Number and mobile number
  •  Click the go button after filling in all the information
  • Tap the show button to get PDF pop up
  • Download the file using the option
  • If you require any clarification about the downloaded file visit the department account office

The maturity period of GPF Account Withdrawl

The retirement date is considered as the maturity period for GPF Account withdrawal The contribution of the employee would be stopped upon arrival of retirement date by the government and the total amount will be transferred to the employee bank account

Is it possible to withdraw the full amount before the maturity period?

No, the employee is allowed to withdraw only two-thirds of the total amount in case of emergency remaining amount can only be withdrawn on the retirement date

I lost my Telangana GPF Account number what to do?

To get account information visit the accounting office and the concerned officer will help you get your linked account number

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