Online GPF Statement Download Uttarakhand for Annual Account

By | April 13, 2022

Information on Online GPF Statement Download Uttarakhand for Annual Account. 

Noe the Uttarakhand State government employees can easily download their GPF statement online To get your GPF statement from anywhere following the simple process given along with PIN and mobile OTP

The government maintains the Provident fund savings for the employees Through the actively updated Account General web portal the Uttarakhand GPF slip for the employees can be downloaded To ensure that every employee gets the employee paySlip at fingerprints the Uttarakhand employee GPF statement is available online Even all the entries in UK GPF Slip can be seen

The employees have to enter the PIN and OTP received on registered mobile number as GPF online service is secured by the government To avail the online GPF facilities employees have to register themselves in order to get employee service improved by the Uttarakhand State government

Through the online website, any grievances related to the GPF statement can be submitted and the employees can also report their concerns by visiting the department accountant’s office To Get your GPF slip generated using the login credentials follow the given steps

Online Download Uttarakhand GPF Statement

  1. Go to the online web portal
  2. Choose your GPF series
  3. Fill in the PF number of your account
  4. Enter the PIN number created during registration
  5. Fill in the code as shown
  6. Click the generate OTP option
  7. Fill in the OTP received on your registered mobile number
  8. Click confirm

As you have accessed your Uttarakhand GPF slip to check for Uttarakhand GPF options employees can check and confirm the name and other details As the download process is very easy after login Make sure to check all your details and notify the department in case of any concerns

Is the Uttarakhand GPF Statement updated on monthly basis?

Yes, in recent times the Uttarakhand GPF statement is updated on monthly basis In the past, the GPF statement was updated yearly or quarterly and the online services can be availed to get an updated GPF statement

Is it possible to get the Uttarakhand PIN number changed if forgotten?

To ensure the access of employees to their accounts in a valid way the PIN number is the authentication Department office is to be visited by the employee to get PIN number generated and to associate it to their GPF account

What is the process to change the Uttarakhand GPF-linked mobile number?

To view all the details in Uttarakhand GPF slip mobile number is mandatory  and a combination of PIN and OTP is required by the Uttarakhand portal subscribers to view the GPF slip

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