Online payment KSEB at Quick Pay

By | April 9, 2022

More Information on Online payment KSEB at Quick Pay 

Pay your electricity bills instantly using KSEB online payment services by KSEB Quick Pay Portal

Even if you don’t have the electricity service number KSEB online payment can be easily made You can complete the online KSEB bill payment by providing your mobile number using the Quick Pay portal at by using any of the payment modes including internet banking, debit card, and credit card

Online Payment KSEB

Citizens living in Kerala are charged for electricity consumption on monthly basis by Kerala State Electricity Board Limited and various payment modes are allowed to complete the payment Bills can be paid in cash by visiting the KSEB local office

Consumers are given the facility to pay their bills through the KSEB Quick Pay portal or by offline means and the facility  to check transaction status is also available on the KSEB official website Bill status must be checked to ensure the processed transaction is successfully to avoid the bill-paying twice

Using the official website here is the complete process to make KSEB online payment To pay your electricity bills timely follow the given process

Online Process KSEB Quick Pay

  1. Go to KSEB’s official website at
  2. Choose the Quick Pay option given in the menu or to open the webpage directly go to
  3. Fill in your consumer number or mobile number
  4. Click the submit button to see the bill
  5. If the mobile number is entered, all the consumer numbers linked to the mobile number are displayed click the radio button beside the display to check the bill details
  6. If the consumer number is entered all the bill details will be directly displayed
  7. After the amount is shown, check the auto-filled details
  8. Click to proceed with payment
  9. Choose any of the options for the payment mode(Internet Banking, credit card, debit card)
  10. Click the pay now button
  11. To complete the payment enter your online payment gateway user details
  12. Successful payment receipt can be printed after successfully completing the payment A message is received on the registered mobile number as  confirmation of the KSEB online bill payment

How to check the status of KSEB bill payments online?

Through the options available at KSEB Quick Pay consumers can check the status of completed payment for the respective month The recently done transaction along with the status is displayed by entering the consumer number or mobile number

Where can I find my KSEB Consumer Number?

On the electricity bill received from KSEB consumer number printed can be seen To check the KSEB bills associated to your mobile number choose Quick pay option from KSEB official website

What to do if I have made my KSEB Bill payment twice?

You need not worry in case you made the payment twice for your KSEB electricity bill through the KSEB Quick Pay portal If the payment is received by KSEB it will be adjusted in next month due to bill and thus the extra paid amount will be considered as an advance payment for KSEB bill

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