Multiple Insurance Policy additions in One LIC Login Account

By | April 2, 2022

Multiple Insurance Policy additions in One LIC Login Account

In the LIC India portal, multiple registered LIC policies can be added using the policy number In case of having multiple policies for family members, dependents, and self

LIC eServices is an initiative by LIC India to bring all the services online to its employees and give them the opportunity to link all the policies at a single place the best part of LIC eServices is that employees do not have to visit the LIC office as it is tiring process

In the case of LIC India customer register the policy under the LIC Portal he/She can avail numerous services including the next premium amount check, insurance policy status check, policy redemption, and many more

The policies are added here only if the employees get registered with the LIC eServices portal and the process to register the policy is very easy and simple Follow the steps carefully

Multiple Policy Addition in LIC Login

  1. Visit LIC Online customer portal at
  2. Fill in your login details
  3. Click the individual policy details option
  4. Hover to basic services section and Click
  5.  From the left side, panel click add new policy option
  6. Choose the relationship from the drop-down
  7. By clicking the add more policies enter the policy numbers
  8. Click submit button
  9. The actual details are verified by the LIC database and a pop-up with a successful registration message appears
  10. By choosing the relationship again you can add spouse or child policies using the same process

Is it possible to get the child policy added in LIC eServices Login?

Yes, in the lIC registration portal LIC eServices allows its customers to add the policies of their family members They can log in to eServices using their login credentials and use the given options to add family in LIC To add the child policy The child option must be chosen This will help you track and pay LIC premium within the time

What is the proper way to get a Bank account linked to LIC?

On behalf of LIC India, the NEFT Is to be taken from the bank This form can be obtained from the LIC official website

The NEFT form is duly signed by the policyholder and the banker To add the policy to the LIC eServices login you need to submit this form The step is very important as on maturity the amount is to be sent to a linked bank account

Can I add my Father’s policy to the LIC eServices portal

In the LIC eServices portal, various options to add the family members are given By choosing the relation as father the father’s Insurance policy can be added To get the father’s policy added successfully make sure to enter the full policy number

What is the complete process to add the spouse name in LIC eServices Portal?

Various modifications are allowed to be made by existing employees as LIC eServices is an open platform It is not allowed to the policyholders to add their spouse name as per the rules of LIC India

For insurance eServices, policyholders are allowed to request a new policy on spouse name and get it registered There must be a different LIC policy number registered for spouse unlike any other family member

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