GPF statement Online Haryana to Find Out Interest Accrued Balance

By | January 15, 2022

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GPF statement Online Haryana to Find Out Interest Accrued Balance

To know the subscribed amount and GPF account interest accrues balance use GPF statement Online for Employees of Haryana You can now login anytime using the process

The Principal Accountant General manages the GPF account of employees working in Haryana state The website also has the same task assigned and that is to manage employees GPF account To run the life happily the EPF scheme has been declared mandatory for every retired employee to give them benefit and ease

To make the retired person investment double the same amount as his amount is added by the government to make it huge To access the online account a PIN is assigned to every employee

To increase the accumulated amount the sum of the amount is based on interest rates decided by the government Numerous services are provided by the State Government of Haryana to facilitate its employees and provide them comfort Here are the steps to check Haryana EPF balance online

Check Haryana GPF Balance

  1. Visit the Haryana Accountant General Web Portal at
  2. Click the option Employee Information(GPF/Loan)
  3. In the drop-down department, codes are given select your series code
  4. Fill in the GPF number
  5. Fill in the PIN assigned by the DDO officer
  6. To view, your employee details click submit
  7. Select the GPF option from the menu and click the option to view the Balance sheet
  8. Your GPF account details are shown on the screen In the form of a balanced sheet any selected month information can be seen

Haryana GPF account PIN/Details Access

To view their details online the Accountant General of Haryana has created a GPF account for every employee To activate your employee information here is the process

  1. Go to your location department office
  2. Search for DDO assigned to your department
  3. Fill in the details along with an active mobile number
  4. Fill in all your details in the application form
  5. In the online AG portal, DDO will submit your details
  6. To access the portal a PIN is assigned to the employee

Is it important to check Haryana’s GPF Slip?

On the behalf of Haryana GPF, a specific amount is deducted from your account as you are a State government employee  To check the Haryana payslip is important as it tells how much amount is being deducted and now you can observe your GPF paysheet whether the amount is being added to it or not

How is the Haryana GPF Interest rate managed?

The government of India decided the interest rate being implemented on the GPF amount as it is a scheme of the Government of India The amount added to the accounts is based on the interest rate decided

Is it possible to withdraw Haryana’s GPF amount from the GPF account?

The energy option is given to any employee means he can withdraw the money by submitting an application along with the money withdrawal reason to the department office A portion of the money is allowed to be withdrawn depending amount the share in the total amount

Is it possible to withdraw 50%amount from my GPF account?

By leaving a share of one third for the Haryana GPF portal the account holder can withdraw the money in the state of emergency as stated in GPF rules and regulations With the proper approval of official money can be withdrawn

Is it possible to increase my share in Haryana GPF?

Yes, employees are allowed to ask to increase their pay which can not be increased 100% of their basic pay In this way they would be able to save more money for retirement According to deadlines, employees can increase their share and a good amount would be accumulated in their account No number of shares will change from the employer and your pay will not be increased

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