NSC On Investment Interest Rate- Check Year Wise Interest Chart

By | January 15, 2022

NSC On Investment Interest Rate- Check Year Wise Interest Chart

From 2016 to2021 NSC Interest Rate Chart is given For time to time charges observe the National Savings Certificate Interest Rate Chart

One of India’s top investment options is NSC and the people interested in investment must be aware of the name By the Indian Post Office Division National Saving Certificate NSC is a saving scheme that revolves around the idea of Low-risk and high-benefit factors involved

Fill out the NSC form along with proof documents and whenever you will make an investment the acknowledgment against the payment you made will be received You can get the form from the nearest post office

Adequate knowledge about the investment policy before making the payment is very important to get into National Saving Certificate You must know whether you would receive any interest rate benefit against your investment tenure or not Here is the NSC Interest rate Charts explained

One of the biggest reasons for which NSC is considered the best is that it is an investment policy of short duration and this minimizes the risk factor but the standard interest rate is offered is the benefit

The process to Get Interest Rate on National Saving Certificate

The interest rates are not announced for the whole year but are announced for a quarter of the year Depending upon the profits and losses interest rates are announced 4 times in four quarters of the year so that the interest rate may get revised NSC Interest rate 2020-21 is 6.8% with the compounding for the employers who want to invest for a long tenure across years

As in the previous quarter in 2020-21, the interest rates for the next quarter would also be 6.8%

Across the different quarters, there is always room for 5%-10% inflections in the interest rate For an NSC tenure the investor is given the best possible return to his investment but to deeply observe the interest rates the NSC Interest rates for the previous years are given which would help you make better decisions regarding investment

Interest rate NSC- Chart (year wise)

Date FromUp toInterest Rate (Per Annum in %)

Interest Rate Calculator NSC for AY 2020-21

As there is no specific NSC Provided calculator to calculate NSC Interest rate the interest rate against the investment made can  be seen below

When tenure is 5 years and the investment amount is 100,000 the interest rate is6.8%

YearInvestmentInterest Gained Per Annum (6.8%)Returns

So in case you have invested 100,000 after the tenure of 5 years you would get the return on investment as Rs. 138949 More details are given on nsiindia.gov.in

How much NSC accrued interest would I get in case of a Withdrawl of my amount?

The interest rate would be accrued over if you would withdraw the amount within the tenure decided Investment would be returned according to present interest rates in case you want to withdraw after 1 year You will not receive the proper return on investment if you would withdraw the investment amount within the tenure

What interest rate would be given on 5 years NSC?

As per AR 2020-21, the interest rate for 5 years tenure would be 6.8% It would definitely change in the coming years

What is the interest rate given by NSC in 2021?

NSC 4th quarter ids going with the present interest rate of 6.8%in AR 2020-21

What is the process to calculate NSC interest?

Depending upon the profit or loses NSC scheme bears interest rates are decided For the quarter of the year interest rates are provided to the investors which minimize the risk factor

Will I have to pay tax on NSC interest?

If the interest would be up to 1.5 Lakh per annum no tax is charged but in case it exceeds this limit it is definitely taxable

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