Haryana State Employees e-Salary (Pay Slip) Login

By | December 23, 2021

With the launch of employee e-salary portal the Haryana State Government employees have been benefited in numerous ways. The new login process for Haryana e-salary registration has been initiated to provide the facilities to the employees for quick access.

As times are changing towards a more digital world the Haryana State government has set up this portal to make features like Pay Slip, Employee Payee Page easily accessible to their employees.

The Haryana Employee e-salary payslip will help the employees in determining how and where to spend the salary amount. Also, the e-Salary portal will allow the employees to their payment sheets for previous months as well, allowing them to tally any changes or increments in their salary.

e-Salary Login for Haryana State Government Employees

The following details are meant for Haryana State Government Employees only and any changes are to be made by the Accounts department.

Steps to log onto the Haryana Employee e-Salary Portal:

(NOTE- Make sure that you have your Username and Password while logging onto this portal)

  1. Visit the e-Salary Haryana Official website or click on esalaryhry.nic.in
  2. Wait till the e-Salary Haryana Official employee page is loaded
  3. Enter your Username which is employee code
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Select the current year and enter the captcha code as shown
  6. Click on the login button and wait for the details to be verified
  7. You will now be taken to the employee payee page
  8. Once the page has loaded a list will appear on the screen
  9. The Main Menu will have options including Edit Profile, Change Password and Lock-Unlock UCP
  10.  In Report Menu Pay Slip and Annual Statement can be accessed

FAQ’s About Haryana State Employees e-Salary (Pay Slip):

What to do if your Haryana Employee Pay Slip account is disabled?

If you enter the wrong password more than 5 times, then your account will automatically be locked for 24 hours. In this case you can either wait for 24 hours or can use the reset password link to get quick access to your account.

Can anyone else use my Haryana Employee Pay Slip Login?

Every employee has unique login credentials which are not to be shared with anyone. In case anyone else tries to login into your account, the account will be locked in 5 wrong password attempts.

Can I access other options of the Haryana e-Salary portal?

Once you visit the employee payee page a list of options will be visible on the screen. In the Main Menu, options like Edit Profile, Change Password and lock-unlock UCP.

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