Life Insurance Services at LIC Merchant Login

By | January 28, 2022

Information on Life Insurance Services at LIC Merchant Login. 

In order to cater the best Life Insurance services by LIC India, the new login portal named LIC Merchant is live now

Citizens all across India get LIC policies and Pay their monthly premiums as LIC is well known for the beneficial insurance policies A merchant is appointed that ensures that the LIC premium payments by the policyholders are paid on time and there are no issues to be faced

To take care of policy premium and help the LIC users to resolve their issues individuals called LIC Merchants are appointed They ensure to give proper solutions to policyholders

To understand the policies, dues, and premiums for which LIC merchant has to look for it is important to visit the LIC merchant account

You can access the policy count and access your account directly if you are a registered LIC merchant at LIC India This is the step by step guide to login to the LIC merchant portal

LIC Merchant Portal Login Process

  1. Visit the LIC Merchant portal official webpage at
  2. Fill in the username and password Next answer the asked question
  3. Click the submit button to receive an OTP on your email or registered mobile number
  4. Fill the OTP received and you have successfully Logged in to your account

In most of cases, a change in password is not appreciated but if you want your login password to be simple to change your password to a strong one would be the best option In some cases, policyholders may forget their password Here is the detailed guide to change or retrieve the login password

LIC Merchant Portal Password Change – Forgot Password

  1. Visit the login page and click the change password option and you will be redirected to a new page to change the password
  2. Provide your user ID, current password, new password, and the confirmed password on the change password page
  3. Tap the reset button to change your password
  4. From the LIC Merchant retrieve your forgotten password
  5. Click the forgot password option on the LIC Merchant login page
  6. Enter the user ID and email ID on forgot password page
  7. Click the option New mail password and your new password will be received at the email address

LIC Merchant Email ID Update to Receive the OTP

After creating the account the password is required to log in and sometimes the OTP is not received on the provided email address Update your LIC merchant account email ID by following the guide and getting the OTP

  • Visit the LIC merchant login page and click the option “Update email ID to get OTP” from the login options
  • Enter the user ID and password on the Update email ID page and provide the email ID you need to update
  • To receive the OTP on your registered mobile number click the update button Now your email ID will also be updated to receive OTP

What is meant by LIC Agent Portal?

As LIC is the top LOfe insurance company and hundreds of people opt for LIC policies The selected individuals who have the responsibility to directly interact with the policyholders either to sell new policies or collect policy premiums are the LIC agents Under the belt LIC Agents get all the policy details and information from LIC Agent portal

Is the star health agent portal and LIC the same?

People may get confused by the names that sound similar but in fact, both of these are two different organizations that provide a wide range of services As they are different the login portals for agents are also different

Does different login processes are followed by LIC agents and customers?

The LIC merchants or agents can simple follow the link

To log in THey have to provide the username and password to log in

Are there separate LIC Premium portals for Merchant and customers?

LIC Merchant portal is meant for LIC Merchants and agents They can check the premium section given in the left sidebar that shows the pending premiums for the policyholders assigned to them

Where can I lodge LIC Merchant complaints?

To notify the management about the issues and complaints followed by LIC Merchants the complaint portal is present In the asked form LIC Merchant can address their issues from anywhere using this portal They will have to provide the name, merchant ID, username, email, password, and the complaint description in detail

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