Access PFMS Employee Portal Using PFMS Portal Registration

By | April 6, 2022

Know How to Access PFMS Employee Portal Using PFMS Portal Registration

Download  and check the employee pay details including employee PaySlip, House building Advance, and much more by registering to the PFMS web portal using the predefined login form Check out the complete process about where and whom you need to submit the PFMS login form after completion of duly filled application

Access PFMS Employee Portal Registration To download the PaySlip the Central Government employees can access Public Financial Management System This is a quick process for the employees to access their PaySlip without visiting the department office

From the official website, employees can also use HBA checking and Pay advance recovery features along with the PFMS salary slip downloading facility The employee monthly income can be tracked and the other features by the PFMS salary slip website can be availed

PFMS Portal Login Registration Requirements

To reach the PFMS Salary slip profile page these are some basic requirements to be fulfilled by Central Government employees During the registration process and log in all these details are required

  • Employee PAN number
  • Active email address and mobile number
  • Employee ID Card, Department code, and designation

The registration process is very easy and has to be completed as in the process described below Using the credentials gained by registration employees can access their PaySlip by login

Login Registration PFMS

  1. Using the browser go to
  2. Tap the login button
  3. Click the new user registration form option
  4. Download the form
  5. In Capital letters enter email address and mobile number in active status in the form
  6. Take a print of completely filled PFMS registration form and submit it to the PFMS department office
  7. Employee ID card as proof of employment is to be attached with the application form
  8. Ana activation link will be sent to the employee’s email addresses after the completion of the registration process
  9. Now go to the PFMS salary slip portal and tap the login button
  10. Choose the financial year and fill in the PAN number followed by Date of Birth
  11. The new password is to be created by an employee in the change password tab after registration
  12. The new password is created to be used to log in to the PFMS salary slip portal by using the PAN number as a user ID

Is any domain allowed for PFMS login ID?

No, The only accepted domain for new user registration PFMS login is [email protected] and [email protected]

Is it allowed to use the same mobile number for PFMS user ID registration?

As per on date’s policy, For the creation of a maximum of three user ID’s one mobile number can be used For users in field offices ID creation is made by keeping I view the multiple charges

To confirm the registration can I verify the email address at any time?

For email verification, the email has the stipulated time and the activation link is to be clicked within the time otherwise a fresh registration is to be made again

After the registration does PFMS user ID get activated immediately?

After 24 hours of approval, the approved PFMS user ID gets activated after keen verification process

What is PFMS support email address?

PFMS can be contacted in case you need any help or guidance at the number available at given at

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