CWC Executive & Group C/D Employees Pay Scale Structure

By | April 5, 2022

Details on CWC Executive & Group C/D Employees Pay Scale Structure. 

The CWC IDA Pay scale revised will be effective from 01.01.2017 as per the IDA Pay Revision Check out the new IDA pay structure for executive and group C/D employees working in Central Warehousing corporation For each cadre working employees in board-level have new pay bands as specified in table and the board levels are given below for officers and non executive employees

CWC Salary

Being a PSU industry the Central Ware Housing Corporation is funded by Governemnt of India to perform all the Public Warehouse operations by offering their logistic services To provide support to diverse group of clients it was first established in 1957 and CWC holds its importance in current developing India

As the employees working in CWC are government employees their pay scales are also monitored as per the Governemnt of India policies Agricultural products are served by CWC as the aim is to store seeds, manure, agricultural products, fertilizers, etc. And a prestigious mark is assigned to the one serving in CWC

Pay Scales Central Warehousing Corporation

As per the enlisted roles the board level pay scales and the below board level employees are covered under IDA in CWC have their pay scales as mentioned The minimum salary shown in CWC salary slip is the salary based on position and all the benefits as per the pay scale are given to CWC employees as per group in which employees are working

CWC Executive IDA Pay scales

Executive Designation Pay Scale from 01.01.2017
Superintendent Accountant Sr.PA & Equiv. 40000-140000
AM / SIO/ AE & Equivalent 40000-140000
SAM & equivalent 50000-160000
Manager / EE & equivalent 50000-160000
AGM & equivalent 60000-180000
DGM & equivalent 80000-220000
Secy /CE & equivalent 90000-240000
GM 100000-260000
GGM 120000-280000
Director (Sch-A) 180000-340000
MD (Sch-A) 200000-370000

Group C& D Employees CWC Pay Structure From 01.01.2007

Pay Grade Employee Designation Pay Scale (Rs)
S-1 Peon/ Chowkidar / Frash/ Attendant/ Dak Messenger/ Safaiwala/ Lab Attendant/ Gardener/ Cook-cum-CDR/ Helper/ Elect. Khalasi   Chowkidar Gr.I/ Daftary / Sr. Safaiwala / DO 22000- 78000
S-II Selection Grade Daftary / Selection Grade DO/ Record Sorter etc.   Electrical – Mech. Operator 23000-84000
S-III Roneo Operator/Elect. Pump Operator/ Wireman-Cum-Pump Operator/ Sr. Record Sorter/ Ferro Printer/ Despatch Rider   WA-II/Lift Attendant/ Elect. Mistry/ Copyholder/ Hindi typist/Telex Operator/ Staff car driver/ Mech. Supr. 24500-87000
S-IV Sr. Staff Car Driver   WA-I/ Jr. Stat. Asstt. / Comptist/ Stenographer / Hindi Steno/ D’Man Grade-II / Care Taker/ Receptionist etc. 27000-90000
S-V Jr. Technical Assistant 29000-93000
S-VI Sectional Officer/ Sr. AC Operator   Asstt. / JS/ TA / Hindi Translator/ Cashier/ Personal Assistant/ Librarian   Draftsman Grade-I 32000-99000
  • Fitment Benefits: To the group A and B officials 15% of uniform fitment benefit is given and is added in the earnings section
  • Increment: Every employee per year gets 3% increment on calculated basic pay yearly
  • Stagnation Increment: Based on employees performance ratings as good or above is given and it is done after two years of time
  • Dearness Allowance: All employees get 100% DA neutralization and this slot increases in the pay scale and change as per changes in DA Policies
  • Perks and Allowances: Minimum 345 of Basic alary is calculated as perks and allowances in different categories including cafeteria, Leave travel allowance and more The allowance changes its percentage as per the policies
  • Special Allowance: 3% to 8% of basic salary is given to the employees serving in far flung areas
  • 10% to 20% of basic pay is given in addition to employees serving in Andaman, Nicobar Island as well as Lakshadweep
  • House Rent Allowance: Based on population in which employee is serving HRA may change ad the basic p[ay changes from 8% to 24% are given as per the area designated
  • Performance Related Pay: As per the performance it is the separately issued benefit applicable to employees
  • Periodicity: After every 10 years pay the commission of India is released and the changes affect the employee salary

How much salary is given to Junior Superintendent in CWC?

The variation may be from 40,000 to 1,40,000 Rs in the basic pay scale of Junior Superintendent on the groups as per experience

Is CWC employee doing a governemnt job?

For a different group of organizations, Central Warehousing Corporation is a public warehousing operator that offers logistic service and CWC employees are government employees as they are appointed by PSU and is under the Government of India

Is it possible for employees to apply for more than one position in Central Warehousing Corporation?

Based on CWC posted vacancies, the vacant posts can be checked by CWC employees in CEC online portal As per the eligibility for the vacant posts the engineering graduates can apply for the available posts

What is meant by self Declaration in CWC?

Based on determination and review of management system the statement is issued by CWC which shows that they have met the requirements as (ISO 14001) and is reviewed It is called self-declaration

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