GPF Slip Download Maharashtra To Find PF Current Balance, Final Withdrawal

By | January 27, 2022

Information on GPF Slip Download Maharashtra to Check PF Current Balance, Final Withdrawal

GPF Slip Download Maharashtra To get the HRMS details and the Accountant’s General of GPF payslip employees working under the Maharashtra government can use the online portal and get their HRMS details online For working as well as retired employees to check the salary and pension details is now much more convenient

To Address, the employee of the access-related issues has to contact the assigned DDO officer and in this way, the employee can check all the details without visiting the department office The portal has made it much easier for the government to resolve the queries and salary slip distribution online Whereas it is much easier for the employees also as they can get their payslip without visiting offices multiple times

Download GPF Pay Slip Maharashtra 

By using the online portal or by visiting the nearest department office Employees can get their GPF slip online and offline and can check their account balance on the Maharashtra employee salary slip

Get Maharashtra Salary Slip From Department Office

The employees have to provide all the necessary employment details including employee ID and department by visiting the department office and contacting the office accounts department In a detailed format the GPF for the whole year is provided by the Maharashtra Government You can now check your monthly investment in the GPF account as well as the total funds collected by using the portal. 


GPF Slip Online Maharashtra


Account Balance Check Online GPF

  • Visit the Maharashtra GPF portal link at
  • Fill in the series
  • Enter the account number
  • Fill in the Captcha Code as shown
  • Click submit option
  • Choose the date and month for which you need your GPF slip downloaded

Online Final Withdrawal Details GPF

  • Visit the
  • Fill in the Maharashtra GPF series allotted
  • Enter the GPF account number
  • Fill in the Captcha code shown for verification
  • Click the submit button
  • From the drop-down calendar choose your retirement date
  • To get GPF Final withdrawal detail click view


From the official portal, you can get your GPF slip downloaded anytime if you have the access to Maharashtra GPF Portal In order to get the Maharashtra GPF Statement online follow these simple steps

  • Go to the Accountant General Maharashtra Official website
  • Browse the website page at
  • To view or download the yearly  GPF slip click the option given
  • Fill in the username and password as shown in the page loaded
  • To access the employee page fill in the captcha code to submit
  • Click the GPF and the Payslip options from the list given
  • Choose the financial year and you can generate the report to extract the required details

Now the GPF slip for Maharashtra employees is displayed on the screen To get the Maharashtra GPF Statement printed or downloaded click the options given

The process to get GPF Login Credentials Maharashtra

The page to check the GPF account details and the Maharashtra GPF login page are similar Here are the steps to get the Maharashtra GPF credentials which will be used to check Maharashtra GPF details

  • Go to the Department account office and contact the DDO officer
  • Provide all of your details and employment details as well to get verified
  • Your account will be registered as the DDO officer verify all the details
  • Your credentials would be activated as you register successfully
  • The DDO officer will provide the username and the password

For any kind of queries or issues, the DDO officer can be contacted as he can resolve on behalf of the Maharashtra GPF account

Is it possible to generate last year’s Maharashtra GPF Slip?

For any of the selected years, the employee or the retired individual can contact the department office and access the official website, as well as all the payslips, are available You can check your investment and saving by downloading the last year’s GPF slip

Is it mandatory to get a username for Maharashtra GPF?

For the GPF account website to get the details username is a must Employee has the option to visit the department office and get the Maharashtra GPF slip from there

If I have a concern related to GPF details in Maharashtra whom can I contact?

Accountant General’s official website can be contacted by using the contact us link given However, the employee can contact the GPF officer in the accounting department to report concerns related to employee details in Maharashtra GPF account

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